Thin Privilege & Size Acceptance: An Exploration

Fat NicNac In A Bathing Suit

People get so offended to see fat women with confidence. Fat women in dresses and bathing suits and any sort of clothing that draws attention…colorful, short, tight, revealing and swim wear ANY type of clothing whose purpose isnt to hide their bodies from the rest of the world. Why? Why are people so offended to see fat people being humans in public? Holding hands with their loved ones, kissing their loved ones, dancing at a club with their girls etc. Lying on a beach or sitting on a bench…. I’ll tell you why. America has its own little value system when it comes to women. Fat girls are on the bottom.

Recently I went on a bit of a twitter rant to explain what it means to have “thin privilege” …a privilege that is based solely on the size of a person’s body. For the purpose of this blog post I am going to speak on WOMEN because that is what I know. Thin privilege comes with many unseen advantages for instance when a woman is thin she is automatically assumed to be healthy, active, desirable, sexy, and intelligent. Thin in our society automatically = beauty because the media and advertising sell that image. And we perpetuate, over and over. The media and advertising have created the ideal woman and she is a thin one with arching breasts, a tight ass, no stomach, minimal muscle etc. Thin privilege allows thin/skinny women to make comments about the size of fat women under the guise of “concern” …as if by virtue of having a thin body you automatically were an expert on health, and some how had the right to assume fat women could not be trusted with their own health. When you are thin people automatically assume that you DID something to be thin, as if THINNESS itself were a virtue and fattness were a sign of major characteristic deviancy. Clue…thinness is not a virtue, it doesnt make you a better person PERIOD. And fat women are meant to be the EXACT opposite, ugly, lazy, and stupid. Fat women are the jokes of the dating world, they are the coyote uglies of the movies, the ones you either pity for being outcasted or the ones you hate for being mean or the ones you are embarrassed for.

One of the worst things about our society of fat hatred is the treatment of fat women. Many men are attracted to fat women, but because of the way women in general are used as symbols of status, to date, or commit to a fat woman in public EVEN when you’re attracted to one is almost unheard of! Men dont want fat women because fat women make bad trophies but they also dont want to deny their own personal attraction to them…so they objectify them instead. They use fat hatred against fat women to make fat women feel like any man who glances at them are entitled to their bodies. yes, thin women go through this objectification occasionally but its frowned upon and it doesnt happen nearly as often as it does to fat women! It happens so often to fat, overweight and obese women that it makes up about 90% of their romantic relations with the opposite sex! But I digress, I’m not going to sit here and lament the treatment of fat women strictly on the romantic side of things. Fat women are discriminated against when it comes to jobs, raises, even volunteer opportunities, assumptions based off of stereotypes are used against them to refuse them memberships to clubs, they make less money then thin people! And this is based solely on SIZE. I’ve gone to a public lake to swim in my bathing suit and caught 3 DIFFERENT ppl from 3 DIFFERENT groups taking my picture while my back was turned….no doubt to show a friend for a laugh or to post on the internet because i DARED to be at a wading lake…in a swim suit…like everyone else.

Weight loss corporations PROFIT off of fat people and society’s fear of fat. What they do is they put a commercial out and declare that fat is UGLY, they make sure no positive representations of fat people are available in general and then they start to tell you how fat you are, how you’ll feel much better if you lose weight. They threaten you with death (even though there is research that has PROVEN that size doesnt determine the HEALTH of an individual <<< here’s a little taste) declaring that obesity is an epidemic and that people are dropping like flies from fat. Yet a thin girl can almost DIE from eating an unhealthy diet of chicken nuggets for 20 years and the world is so suprised she wasnt fat smh!! These weight loss campaigns have CREATED A PROBLEM and are making a KILLING off of selling the solution! THEY DONT SELL HEALTH! THEY SELL THINNESS! YES, There is a difference. Fat hatred plays right into this. And so does thin privilege. Fat hatred is encouraged…and it is ALSO a primary culprit in eating disorders that prove DEADLY

Lastly …there has been an AWESOME movement called the Fat/Size Acceptance movement. This movement encourages women to embrace their bodies and LOVE their bodies at ANY size. It encourages fitness and health without demanding women lose weight or spend their whole lives dieting and being unsuccessful. Research has shown that only 5% of women who lose significant weight KEEP it off. This movement has encouraged fat women….chunky women, thick women to love what jiggles and what can hardly be contained and it is doing WONDERS for their self esteems, their ideas of self worth, their relationships, their all around mental & physical health! Personally? Fat acceptance has truly helped me LOVE my body, i love all its curves, all it’s flabs, its cellulite, it has taught me that I am a human being and  that i deserve respect and love not “in spite” of my size but BECAUSE of my size. I would love to see this movement spread even further, size acceptance tells fat women they are GORGEOUS without telling thin women that they aren’t, it doesnt take away beauty from one group for the sake of the other but declares every woman of every shape and size to be physically attractive. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again : If you can convince yourself you are beautiful, you will be the LAST person you EVER have to convince <<< this is what size acceptance has taught me. Something that alot of thin people haven’t learned yet..

I wrote this to kind of give you an introduction to the problem with thin privilege and the NEED for things like size/fat acceptance and the health at every size movement….I hope this blog post has given you an idea about the “hype” around size acceptance