In Lieu Of Romance

I’ve always felt that some people had better access than me to romantic love. I’ve always felt on the outside looking in on proposals, long walks, selfies together watching the sunrise and waking every morning in tandem with a lover friend. This has always been inaccessible to me living in this particular skin and this particular body….. So I got this lesson early… By force and as a matter of survival… That love and holding intimate space would come outside of romance. I am privileged to have learned it so young and relied on it in my worst of times. I have a twin sister by which her loving I survive and other black women that affirm and challenge and nurture me. I have never known romantic love in 28yrs but love has still touched me and grown me and protected me—

Nicci Faw

***I wrote this in response to a piece that my favorite poet StaceAnn Chin wrote on her Instagram… I’m not sure if she was just sharing thoughts or producing a poem but I commented and shared this because it flew out of the depths of me***


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