Personal Struggles

I haven’t posted anything in a while…..I seem to have that habit lol but I wanted to update you guys on my life… on Friday 7/31/15….I’ll be going in for an MRI and an LP due to having optic nerve edema….unknown cause. I’m terrified and my vision has been distorted….I’ve had very brief moments of complete distortion while I drive so….yeah I hope that everything is ok and I’m not suffering some sort of brain lesion (that was a caution told to me by the opthamlogist bleh!). I think it’s a psuedo tumor or side effect from the birth control I started a few months ago…but honestly? I have no clue. I am only writing this now because I have been feeling so anxious about it :/

I’m also dating someone now… idea what to expect from this person or from myself….but I welcome the challenge! So ….idk how many people follow me or how many people on wordpress care lol but drop me an encouraging comment maybe


3 thoughts on “Personal Struggles

  1. I hope everything works out great for you and the person you’re dating right now! Oh man, it can’t be easy dealing with optic nerve oedema and the associated vision distortion…I hope that whatever’s causing it can be treated easily and I’m thinking of you!

  2. If anything is determined by your appointment on Friday I hope it’s as simple as switching your bc. Best of luck on your new relationship.

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