The Slander Of The Side Chick

  1. FatFemPinUp
    i’m not willing to suggest that men do not know the pain they cause women they lead and hold onto with faux promises and lies for USE
  2. FatFemPinUp
    i really think they dont care…and what disgusts me about this sidechick shit…is that people gleefully scorn and shame women who get hurt
  3. FatFemPinUp
    by manipulating men who say one thing……and do others, with others….and come back to do them too
  4. FatFemPinUp
    like men/women will laugh and say hateful things to women who have been hurt by men who use them for sex and hold them captive with lies
  5. FatFemPinUp
    as if she’s just a stupid hoe, as if she deserved to be manipulated…as if her time and her life and her love were not valueable and stolen
  6. FatFemPinUp
    under false pretenses…as if the pain of being betrayed by someone you’ve brought your love too were hilarious and deserved
  7. FatFemPinUp
    but men can do no wrong…it doesnt matter if he lied to you, kept u hidden to use you, it’s your fault for not reading his mind, for being
  8. FatFemPinUp
    too stupid to not see that he had a “real” wife/girlfriend/lover ….you deserved to be taken for everything you got and given nothin back
  9. FatFemPinUp
    there is no pity for a woman who has been touched by what I believe Ntozake Shange meant by a “latent rapist”
  10. FatFemPinUp
    some1 who comes into ur life to use u like an emotional tampon, snatch ur love, ur sexuality and ur secrets w/o reciprocity thru lies
  11. FatFemPinUp
    this is the CENTRAL problem w/ Tyler Perry’s rendition of “for colored girls” in that he made the ‘latent rapist” in her poems a physical 1
  12. FatFemPinUp
    i dont believe she meant a man who comes into your house and steals sex….no…a latent rapist is a man who comes and steals who u ARE
  13. FatFemPinUp
    and he puts it to use in his own life…..while holding off your needs with promises and the occasional sweet word….and bc male love
  14. FatFemPinUp
    is so hard to come by…..women often get suckered in by male cunning…disguised as love and affection…this self seeking entitled
  15. FatFemPinUp
    attitude towards women where men COLLECT them according to what they need in their lives….and string them along with lies n promises
  16. FatFemPinUp
    to find out you have been one of these women…..and the person you LOVE, would give anything for is really this “latent rapist” ….you can
  17. FatFemPinUp
    the response to this side chick shit is very much like our cultures response to rape, find fault with and blame the woman
  18. FatFemPinUp
    i feel this pain so vividly bc i’ve been and may currently be an unwilling sidechick, jumpoff…whatever you call them….us
  19. FatFemPinUp
    and if i am?….who will laugh at me? for all the tweets i tweeted…soaring on love…hoping in the possibilities of it? planning? boasting
  20. FatFemPinUp
    about the man like he was imperfectly perfect and made for me? who will laugh at me for sharing my dreams of children with the man, and
  21. FatFemPinUp
    finding healing, sanctuary and growth with the man….never thinking for one minute it was a lie
  22. FatFemPinUp
    who will laugh at me if it turns out that the love i busted my ass to have..left my dreams on the side of the road for….forgot my past for
  23. FatFemPinUp
    was love only in name to him……and that name a means to an end? who will ridicule me for loving deeply, unconditionally, loyally
  24. FatFemPinUp
    the answer of course is….MANY….even now no doubt someone is seeing these retweets thinking “that fat bitch shud be GLAD to be a jumpoff”
  25. FatFemPinUp
    like being lied too and used is something i deserve for being a woman, for taking a risk, for any ol reason under the sun
  26. FatFemPinUp
    and even in my PAIN & loss they will expect me to be grateful for the opportunity….
  27. FatFemPinUp
    so seeing that tweet….bout made me cry…girl talkin about having sex w/ a guy 2 days b4 xmas and not even getting a merry xmas text
  28. FatFemPinUp
    while she’s thinking that they are together…. his silence on the holiday indicates that she isnt
  29. FatFemPinUp
    u see ppl on twitter all day long making jokes about how side chicks shdnt expect anything on bdays n holidays or invites to fam functiosn
  30. FatFemPinUp
    because women who have been lied too and used are labeled “side chicks” ….and it is all their fault
  31. FatFemPinUp
    for me ….sex has always been something i was disgusted with myself over…then is started to love someone and i began to enjoy it, only w/
  32. FatFemPinUp
    him….and what if it turns out that ….he is not who I thought he was….that the love making was one sided and he paid only lipservice
  33. FatFemPinUp
    and used me? you know what sex may represent for me then? you know how hard trusting and touching in the future will be for me?
  34. FatFemPinUp
    we’re encouraged to be tough about sex, exceedingly liberal or supremely prudish….but the truth is sex represents alot of diff things
  35. FatFemPinUp
    for alot of different people….and for me….it was painful….a source of self hatred and loathing that i practiced seemingly wantonly
  36. FatFemPinUp
    and when i stopped….when i got a hold of my self destructive ways and claimed my sexuality for myself and NO ONE ELSE….I started to love
  37. FatFemPinUp
    and i love now….and if it turns out to be a lie…i wont be destroyed…but sex will no longer be revolutionary to me, it will be as it
  38. FatFemPinUp
    was…..and love will only be a sight for empowerment….when its done platonically and within the confines of family. And im to be
  39. FatFemPinUp
    shamed if all of this comes to pass, i’m to be laughed at and ridiculed.
  40. FatFemPinUp
    and this isnt a pity party….really….i want to know…..y this is ok….y collecting PEOPLE, using them all up and spittin em out is ok
  41. FatFemPinUp
    cuz i can tell you right now…there is no humanity in a “latent rapist” ….there is only self seeking consumption
  42. FatFemPinUp
    anyways…i’ve always loved Ntozake Shange’s choreopoem “Latent Rapist” from For Colored Girls, hate that movie bc its a man’s intepretation
  43. FatFemPinUp
    and it comes out entirely too literal and its a very bad representation of those poems…there’s nothing spiritual or revolutionary in that
  44. FatFemPinUp
    movie……only brokenness, tragedy blech i hate it

One thought on “The Slander Of The Side Chick

  1. I just want to tell you that I appreciate what you’ve written, that these kind of men suck, not us! I’m a “side chic”, and people laugh at me and tell me I’m wrong and a homewrecker. They don’t know that I was there before she was, that I said no to a committed relationship with him because I know he is a liar and a cheater, that what I tolerate in a lover is far different than what I accept from “my” man, that ive loved him since we were kids and 21 years later still do. Pain is pain, love is love, no matter how you slice it.

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