Woman Denied Plane Access, Dies 407lbs <—-I have a bone to pick


Above is an article that describes the story of a man who lost his wife because he could not get her home from their vacation because of fat discrimination on airlines. …..I have something to say.

I see a serious problem attached to privilege in this world…..it is by pure privilege that you are one of the people who comfortably fit on air planes….there are alot of people who dont…..extremely tall ppl (6’7), large people (body builders), sumo wrestlers (extremely healthy athletes) …they dont deserve to get on air planes and fly by virtue of their size? what about anorexics? they have an eating disorder….(which by the way is more like a mental illness than an issue of self control) but bc it causes them to grow inward….they are allowed on air planes? I’m sick to death of the people who despise fat people…constantly attributing their size to over eating (when they dont know WHY that person is obese), ascribing personality traits and characteristics to total strangers (laziness, greed, stupidity)…simply bc they LOOK a certain way.  I do not know the particulars of why this woman didnt seek a doctor in the country she visited but i do not question her right to travel abroad or her desire to go HOME to seek treatment. Especially with all the stigma world wide of fat people who are sick, you cannot trust any doctor to treat you…..even then, no one has a right to question her desire for treatment in the place of her choice OR her desire for a vacation with her husband, deteriorating health or not!

The fact of the matter is she was denied ACCESS to the only means of travel, for life saving treatment bc she was not skinny and THAT is discrimination based on size. You can blame her all you want too, call her fat, blame her for going on vacation, blame her for not getting treatment in her vacation spot, blame her for being sick and suggest she shud have done something more morally acceptable to avoid being in her predicament but you would be speaking from a place of ignorant bigotry if you did. No one tells people who are handicapped that it’s their fault they dont have access to buildings that serve the public ….if they can’t walk up the damn stairs to get service…there is this false assumption that every fat person is fat as a result of some moral failing. Firstly not every person who is fat has a problem with food, some of them have physical issues that cause them to gain weight. Basically not all fat people are over eaters! uch. And those who are? do you know what bingeing without purging is? it’s an eating disorder, like anorexia …but because it makes people fat, it is not looked at as a disorder…instead people speak hatefully of it, ascribe behavior to it and approach it as a moral issue instead of a psychological issue. Every fat person that has any problem of any kind brought it on themselves because they failed to be skinny and that is simply FALSE and sickening. Check your fucking privilege, you do not know everything about a fat person just bc you can SEE that they are fat. I”m so sorry this man lost his wife in part because of the airlines bigotry and I hope they pay out the ass for it. It IS the airlines responsibility to accommodate the public, no matter WHO that public is. Too many people are willing to excuse the fact that airlines make seats as small as possible, based on a model of human size (as if every human being were objectively between 4’11-5’10 and no more than 150lbs) in order to save money….yet they charge out the ass for tickets no matter WHO is riding….the airlines are also the only ones with the power to take someone country to country in ALOT of cases….so YES, they held the life of this woman in their hands….and the fat stigma is backing them right now but they are WRONG! UCH. Also, was it a question of giving her more than one seat and slightly under booking the flight? If so…why wasnt it done? Or even delaying the flight for a few ppl, considering the health of this woman? according to the article..they got her ON the plane then made her disembark for the “safety” of the other passengers…….i dont like that shit, not one bit

I’d also like to add that the majority of my rage is on the comment section of this article, the fat shaming from the general thread initially had me lit but the fact is that the airline told this man to let them know when they’d be flying back so they could do what they’d did before to get this woman home and somehow…….SOMEHOW they couldnt?


2 thoughts on “Woman Denied Plane Access, Dies 407lbs <—-I have a bone to pick

  1. You’re thinking is absolutely flawed. The airlines did not deny her the service because she was fat. They denied her service because she could not fit into the seats properly, which is a safety issue, . What happens if an incident happens where she falls out of her seat and hits her head? Or falls onto another passenger? Think about it, it should be a no brainer. The airlines did everything they could (with the equipment they had at their disposal) to accomodate her. KLM even looked for other airlines and sent them to Delta, still trying to get them home mind you. Delta wasn’t able to get her on the plane due to her weight. She was TOO DAMN FAT to use the equipment that Delta had. Lufthansa, the third airliner had to deny her service because her seat belt wouldn’t fit properly.

    Also, if she had been so poor in health, why did she fly thousands of miles away from the U.S.? Why did she deny to be treated at hospitals over in Hungary? You are an complete and utter disappointment to the human race, to think that the airlines are responsible for her death.

    Everything you say in your blog makes me want to stab children, due to its lack of facts.

    1. …….”the airline denied her service because she could not fit into the seats properly” ……and why couldnt she? because of her size….womp womp. Did you even read the article? they flew her there but somehow they couldnt get her home? what changed? she fit before with a seat belt extender….and somehow….they cant get her back? They covered saftey issues BEFORE but its impossible now? You’re ridiculous. “She was TOO DAMN FAT to use the equipment delta had” ….um ….you just contradicted your previous statement “the airlines did not deny her the service because she was fat” …..apparently and CLEARLY they did. and who the fuck are you to question another persons autonomy? why the hell are you WORRIED about WHY she decided to fly when she was in poor health? its not up to you to decide whether its ok to go on vacation with her husband and its her RIGHT to choose who treats her medically and where! wtf?!

      Also…if the entire human race thinks like you think, i should say i enjoy being a disgrace to it.
      Dont bother replying, your comment will go unposted.

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