My Response To A Man’s Explanation of the label “bitch”

‎*I’m addressing this fb status bc I think it mirrors the mindset of a lot of men who do not see or do not care about the harm they do with the labels they give women and who then try to justify those labels with every play in patriarchy’s playbook, I am less upset with the poster and more upset w/ the prevalence of this pattern of behavior and thought*

…bitch…there is a reason there is a difference between the labels DOG and  WOMAN…dogs are TRAINED to submit and to serve their masters and because they are much less complex than human beings they derive pleasure from that service….so ….women should love being called bitches because they are less complex then men and thereby should derive pleasure from serving as protector, mother, a mans best friend and loyal? They should derive pleasure from being called “my” bitch because someone ….OWNS us? And someone had the nerve to call this mess “deep”. No it’s not, its badly packaged patriarchy and only other patriarchs and fools who can’t tell the difference will think this is complimentary. As if women should be happy with degradation and dehumanization simply because someone thinks they have a clever way to justify that dehumanization and degradation Lets break it down. Female dogs come when you call, they are BRED when they have puppies, they are loyal to the hand that provides for them bc they’ve been domesticated to be reliant on humans…and again they are simple…they can be TRAINED….and you’re likening a dog to a human being…smh

And here’s another thought…..women should get used to be dehumanized through a label that sets us equal to female dogs…yet it’s not cool to call a man a bitch. I can’t seriously refer to a man as MY BITCH, and he still think I love and respect him and treat him like the subjective human being that he is….why? Because the term bitch is degrading. It is small minded men, who love to dominate the women they hate, that try to come up with ways to justify the expression of that hatred (violence: labels like bitch or actions like hitting women, both are forms of violence). The minute a man is referred to as a woman…as anything feminine, “thems fightin words”….ever call a man a bitch? ever call a man a pussy? the ultimate insult to a man is being labeled as a woman. there is no way bitch or hoe or any other degrading label that can be REASONED or LOGIC-ked into being acceptable and life affirming, certainly not respectful. This dude says “i call you my bitch cause I respect you more than the average female”…..word? So the average female is lower than a dog…a female you respect is equal to a dog….and no one is equal to a man….except himself….and other men. Oh. Ok.


2 thoughts on “My Response To A Man’s Explanation of the label “bitch”

  1. That guy is disensatized to the degradation. Whenever we turn a negative term into a term of endearment, you get that small percentage of people who are ignorant about, not only the differences between the correct and politically correct terms, but the context in which the term is used. He’s an idiot. Period!

  2. If it is indeed a term of endearment, then let’s just have him replace our God given name and our birth name with the name “Bitch”. Surely he should be able to address us in public, in the presence of children, our family and even in church by this “endearing” term.

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