Get Over Yourself Chick-Fila

Chick-fila is officially out of the “I hate gays” closet and is receiving a relatively warm welcome from fellow homophobes/republicans and probably the KLAN too. It boggles the mind that businesses like Chick-fila can stand up for their right to HATRED while serving the public. Hmm. So many Christians who think this business is brave has forgotten that Jesus never said any of that shit about marriage; JESUS never defined marriage between a man and a woman. He simply said love thy neighbor as thyself….hmm…so donating money to organizations that use hate campaigns against their “neighbors” is somehow walking in Jesus’ footprints? Christians really need to stop picking and choosing the little bigot bits from the bible to justify their own hatred of other people. Stop using your religion to give yourself a leg up over other people. We see what you’re doing! You attack and smear “sinners” because you like the power of superiority, it’s not about your beliefs, it is about the “high” you get damning people to hell on that lofty horse of yours. Anyhooo, back to Chick-fila , Jesus never said “give all your money to an organization that seeks to punish people who don’t believe or who don’t live according to the bible”. So why then….WHY are these so called “Christian” businesses obsessing over the behavior of other people? Where in the bible does it suggest that you should attempt to control non-believers or sinners? It’s ridiculous, you’re not gonna stop gay sex by picketing, lobbying, denying gays the right to marriage (because no one waits for marriage to screw ANYWAYS), donating money to people who use it to push their homophobic agendas….All you are doing is spreading hatred (which directly negates the entire premise of Christianity), homophobia is not a CAUSE. It’s not righteous. Using hate, shame and fear tactics on other people in order to get them to believe what you believe is RIDICULOUS and guess what? It doesn’t work. Chick-fila gives money to organizations that DO that kind of thing (lobby against gay marriage and do “ex-gay” therapy…aka curing gayness) and when you’re giving money to these types of orgs it says “I support and agree with everything this organization does”. So why are people surprised that no one wants to fuck with Chick-fila anymore? You openly spit in the face of your LGBTQ customers and LGBTQ supporters and expect people to keep eating at your restaurant? Your food isn’t that amazing to begin with…speaking as an ex-employee who made 5.50/hr in high school to slave away everyday but Sunday….Hardly anyone is checking for you Chick-fila …You should REALLY get over yourself…you don’t sell anything American consumers can’t get ELSEWHERE and tasting better.

Segue…yes, Chick-fila has a right to be “christian” and support whomever they want, and WE have the right not to support THEM. I suggest you put your money where your mouths are because Chick-fila CERTAINLY is. I wont be eating there ever again, they have the right to their beliefs but I dont have to support them….see how that works? Eating there supports their agenda, just like their donating money to hate orgs supports the hate orgs agendas. Fuck Chick-fila. Lets remember that this is not an issue of “free speech” Chickfila can say and support whoever they want for WHATEVER REASON but we do not have to support Chick-fila. NO one is trying to silence chick-fila….if they’re for “traditional” marriage then fine but when their belief has them funding discrimination they need to be boycotted.

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4 thoughts on “Get Over Yourself Chick-Fila

  1. Yes – always amazes me how people can defend bigoted free speech, but not speech directed against bigots…logic?? Love the pic! Where did that come from?

  2. Fyi – Matthew 19:4-6 in the Bible does have Jesus defining marriage. He does so in all 4 gospels. What is interesting is that Christians don’t seem to be just as vehement against divorce….

    (And I’ve written about Chick-fil-a, so I’m fairly certain from your post we won’t agree on the whole Chick-fil-a thing…but I can say that if Christians are calling gay people fags, bullying gay people or those who support what they do, or other mean, hateful things, then they need to take a good look at themselves and what they say they believe in the Bible because they are ignoring the fact that we are to be known for love, not hate, judging, or hypocrisy. Note: disagreement is not hatred as long as it is done graciously)

    1. I said he doesnt define marriage between a man and a woman. He refers to marriage defaultly between a man and his wife but he does not mention homosexuality or EXCLUDE it. Therefore the “christian” definition of marriage is an assumption. And as for not agreeing with me on Chickfila…well the post is ABOUT chickfila….so…..

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