Wayfaring- A Poem

I’ve strangled my need to tell
Waiting for an invitation in the place I prepared for you
With no encouragement, I steal away
A drifter seeking solace in a aimless venue
Because the silence with you is not so easy
Not so permissive
Not so equal
You put my hands into your wounds
My soft words and sound ear, provide a healing
And I accept your trembling, confusion, your heavy sighs
But I am pregnant with my own, seeking a safe place to deliver
Realizing there is no asylum, just apathy
Your escape is the only one that matters
And I keep an island in my heart to hide you
A beacon burning through the night so that home is not hard to find
Yet, I am a stranger when I am not serving
Foreign when I can’t hide my need for comfort
An uninvited guest when I cannot be strong
And ever soliciting sanctuary in the absence of my own


One thought on “Wayfaring- A Poem

  1. Beautiful dear, like usual, I get emotional with your texts because they speak what is in my heart

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