Keep Me—–A Poem

We spun memories in the early dark with soft finger strokes

Trailing in ones and twos …those imaginary lines throbbing together

Our blend of flesh made music immortalizing your skin on mine

Brown silk molasses and my lips its adornment

You sowed kisses into me that washed between us carrying off yesterday

Making “now” the destination of truly living

And your love was anointing every exchange with peace

You are the dawn….

Breaking my night into day and waking me to the promise of tomorrow…..

With you

Our secret stage set for two, without audience

Just your sigh and my smile complimenting stolen moments

We ride on to rapture

Sing to me flame and burn along my body again

Keep writing poems with your lips about me

Never stay those hands that pull out my insecurities

Let me continue to love you infinitely

Keep me


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