Poem & My Lover

I wrote you so many poems you have yet to read
Syncopated lines softening and glaring….hungry and broken
Naked and bold
2 years …..A succession of poems
Where hope became dispute between my pen and paper
My lust a dissonant rhythm in words
Poem told the secret of my butterflies
Caught me convulsing where intimate bodies collide
Poem knew your lips on mine
Poem took you as a lover when I was terrified
Those secret conversations in twilight
I used poem to describe
When infatuation stole my sense… pebbled my skin…shivered my spine
Poem counseled me, help me draw the line
Into the calm poem carried me…… feverish for your touch
Poem expressed my strain to connect more than slick forms
But hearts and souls
Like poem our sounds did not always conform
At times you’d break quiet and cold
I waited for absolution with poem
I prayed in poem
And as we drift back to center and start rhyming again
These poems become loves amen


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