A Dream or January : A Poem

My heart’s been January
Ice and midnight
And I drifted down a cold creek
Washed naked onto an island with swaying palms
The sun shone… fire
And I came alive
Along the shore atop the sand you beckoned
I collapsed, grateful and afraid
Drawn to the heat of you, your secret scent
Fingers, lips, sweat, slick….abandon
I stayed there for safety
I stayed there for hope
You took off down the beach away from me
Half flying, half running
Leaving me foot prints to follow
And every time I caught up, you were mine for the moment
I was content to give chase
Lived for the trail
In those footprints were words, maybes and promises
They became my future, my truth
I called them what I needed them to be
It was all a dream
You were a dream
And I made you reality…anything was better than January
The unforgiving cold….loveless chill ….alone
For a while it was a dream or nothing
A dream or January and I needed the heat
A dream or nothing…..
Now i want something ….in between


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