Trayvon Martin: Begging The White Power Structure For Justice…Again

The Run Down:

On Feb. 26, Trayvon Martin was a 17 year old boy, carrying skittles and tea in his pockets, was murdered by a white man about a month ago. George Zimmerman a self appointed “neighborhood watchman” stalked Trayvon through his neighborhood, first in his car and then on foot. He called the police while following Trayvon and declared he was following a suspicious person, the police instructed him not to follow him. Zimmerman decided to continue to follow him. He then approached Trayvon Martin, attacked him (knocking the phone out of Trayvon’s hand) and began to beat him up. Trayvon was yelling for help, Zimmerman pulled out a 9mm and shot Trayvon dead. On the 911 tapes, Trayvon’s calls for help were recorded, also recorded was Zimmerman calling Trayvon a “fucking coon” before shooting him. The 911 tapes are all available online as is the main story. Zimmerman sat at home for a month without being arrested while Trayvon laid in the morgue for 3 days with a “john doe” tag on his toe….even though his cell phone was brought in with his body. The local police did nothing to bring Zimmerman in….yesterday the FBI declared they were going to investigate. The local police apparently have a history of bias when it comes to cases involving black people. Trayvon’s mother was interviewed by a white newscaster who asked her if Trayvon “liked chicken” ..she then giggled….because, naturally, the death of a teenage black boy is a laughing matter


After 2 months Trayvon’s killer George Zimmerman has been arrested and is FINALLY being tried for second degree murder. We have the work of Trayvon’s mother and the rallies and petitions that went out on Trayvon’s behalf to thank for this second step towards justice. We must keep the pressure on to ensure that George Zimmerman is convicted and serves the max. Also to ensure that the police department either faces some financial sanctions or some firings over their handling of Zimmerman’s release. I believe a thorough investigation needs to be done of that police department. 

The White Power Structure

Trayvon Martin did not have the advantage that other innocent teens killed have. He did not have the media to blast his story or a nation crying out for justice on his behalf …..because he is black. He has less value than white people..which has been the rule in America since slavery, simply put? Trayvon’s color declared he was not newsworthy. The only reason the black community knew is because of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook and small time black radio shows. The black communities on these networks have been trying to raise awareness and demand justice for a MONTH now while the major news outlets were silent……Why? Because Trayvon is a black boy, son of a black mother and father, whose ancestors were slaves, nothings, inferiors, his murder was not news because the media thought he was just another nigga. In order to get Trayvon any attention petitions have gone around, there is a rally planned in NYC and one in florida, there has been blog posts and tweets and fb notes dedicated to raising awareness about Trayvon because the mainstream news has ignored his story just as much as the police ignored the fact that his killer was not behind bars. Petitions, rally’s, blogs, tweets, word of mouth…for justice. Black people are BEGGING the white power structure to prosecute George Zimmerman because for some reason, the murder of Trayvon isnt OBVIOUSLY a murder. Why? because George Zimmerman is a white man and he was/is being protected by his privilege. Only now is Trayvon’s case getting news coverage because his story is “sensational” its “entertainment” a tsk tsk tsk narrative. Cases where black children are murdered or go missing, go unreported by the mainstream news stations because white society DOESNT CARE and reporters report what will grab the attention of white society. This culture of white supremacist domination has silenced the voice of Trayvon and protected his killer and here the black community is BEGGING for them to take what happened seriously. Only when the FBI got involved did the major news centers think the story was newsworthy….BECAUSE of its sensationalism

Why do we have to beg white society  for the rights that are supposed to be inherent? Explicitly our right to LIFE? our right to LIBERTY? This is the America black people know…..the one where we have to beg those who oppress us to stop long enough for us to get to our feet, the one where we have to beg white people to see it in their hearts to prosecute someone who is CLEARLY guilty of a hate crime. Trayvon Martin was LYNCHED and life went back to normal for the Zimmerman’s, the black community then had to get on its knees and work, really work, beg for the attention of white run news stations and white reporters and white run “justice” departments to do what they are SUPPOSED TO DO, report, prosecute, uphold the law, protect the RIGHTS of human beings. Why do people of color have to beg these institutions for rights that are inherent? What is it about being a black person in America that makes the news, the judicial system and society disregard you as non-human? Everyone is so gungho about this being America, they love to recite our bill of rights until black people ask to be protected under them. Life is an unalienable right….but if you’re black you have to ask white people to grant that right to you. White people should have NEVER had the power to grant black people rights, they should have NEVER had the power to deny them. But the reality is that since slavery white people have held the rights of black people in the palm of their hands and they pass out justice when they feel like it and I guess in the case of Trayvon Martin….they didnt feel like it until this teenager was cold and dead for a month. I say ‘begging the white power structure for justice again” because this is not the first …nor will it be the last time we have to find white people to get behind us in order to get justice. This is not going to be the last time we have to beg new stations and papers to put out a story on behalf of a victim of murder and hate.


I’ve been tweeting about this today and a white man asked me not to “lump all white people in” and to that I have this to say : you are in no danger of being lumped in with white racists and racist institutions  when you are fighting them with those they are oppressing. You’re silence on issues like Trayvon Martin is agreement with those people and institutions that do not believe he deserves justice. This goes for white and black and hispanic and all people alike in America. you’re silence will NOT protect you! Black people, do not think that this couldnt happen to you or your child because it COULD. If you are silent or you sleep on Trayvon’s story then you send the message that this is permitted. You ARE Trayvon Martin because but for the grace of God go you.

White and black people…..too long we have been internalizing racism so that we cant even RECOGNIZE it when we are being racist or when we are suffering under its oppressive hand…does it really take the death of a teenager to make us stop long enough to address the problems in our country? and what would happen if the FBI hadnt finally gotten a hold of this case? The silence would have grown……things like Trayvon’s case are the BOIL OVER of white supremacy and covert racism, we have to start addressing the root of the problem …..or get used to burying black children when white men/women feel threatened


19 thoughts on “Trayvon Martin: Begging The White Power Structure For Justice…Again

  1. I am white and have been outraged over the murder of Trayvon Martin from the first moment I learned of it. As has every person of any color I have spoken to. I hope the racist comments here about whites are aimed at law enforcement and not the rest of us… But in re reading, I guess I am wrong “white society doesn’t care.” Seems like racism is a two way street. Were you as outraged when OJ got away with murdering a white woman? So what that he was tried. The evidence was overwhelming. The outcome was predicted by the victim. I can guarantee you one thing, if Zimmerman gets off, WHITES will not be cheering and high giving each other the fives!

    1. there ARE no racist comments here about white people. I am a BLACK WOMAN, it is LITERALLY imposssible for me to be racist or to make a racist comment. Racism requires me to have prejudice and POWER. I have no power. Neither am I prejudice, when I attack the white power structure I am attacking white supremacy, white patriarchy and white domination. That is after all the reason why Trayvon lost his life and why race relations in America are fucked up. The hand of white supremacy has not let up since slavery so ….I dont care if you are white, black, asain or hispanic, you SHOULD be outraged over Trayvon’s death because he was an innocent CHILD who died because of nothing but his color. Racism is NOT a two way street, come back and complain about some social prejudices against white people when they become institutional and oppress the entire race of white people. Until then do not EVER declare racism a 2 way street. OJ didnt murder his white wife because she was white, he murdered her because he’s a murderer, THERES A DIFFERENCE. And he got off because he was RICH not because he was black, that is one of the few times privilege because of social class trumped race. Its unfortunate that you ask I not make comments about white people when the comment you made sounds racist. Just the fact that you HAD to bring up OJ which has NOTHING to do with Trayvon or racism, just the fact that you HAD to declare your whiteness and make a victim out of white people (who are not and never have been a victim of racism in America) is proof enough of either your ignorance or you’re own internalized racism.

  2. Racial hatred IS a two way street. Whites don’t have a patent on it. I will guarantee you that if OJ had been white and his wife black. LA’s blacks would not have been cheering the verdict!!!!
    White women have great sympathy for those who suffer under the system of white patriarchy in this country. I am in my late 60s. I have in my lifetime been told I have been told it wasn’t necessary for me to have an education, after all I wasn’t a man. I have been told by a boss, “Oh, a man wouldn’t work for what I pay you, but then you are just working for pen money.” And what about being blamed for being a rape victim? White males who are racists have long been a problem. My grandmother had to fight for the right to vote like a real human. My own Mother was raped in the late 1940s and was told she needed to just forget it because that MAN had standing in the community. Twenty years later I found myself in the same position. But then, I am just a white woman, what would I know about being treated like a second class citizen…

    As for racism not being a two way street, get the self righteous chip off your shoulder and try looking up the definition of words that you use. White males who are racists have long been a problem. I don’t appreciate being painted in with one great big “white racist” brush!”

    A racist is someone who has the following beliefs:
    “The belief that ALL MEMBERS of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, esp. so as to distinguish it as…
    Prejudice or discrimination directed against someone of a different race based on such a belief.”

    I brought up my whiteness for an obvious reason, ‘the article’ says “WHITE PEOPLE DON’T CARE”
    That is a lie, I am white and I care, and I came here to say so. I have signed petitions, gotten others too do the same. You have brought up your race with both your icon (pic) and your words.
    But somehow I don’t have that same right. Don’t like being judged for your race? Well neither do I!

    1. racial PREJUDICE is a two way street, racism is not.

      white female supremacy is a part of the problem as well, white women with their “sympathy” have CONTINUOUSLY silenced black men and women alike, have ALWAYS put their movements and their motives ahead of issues of race. They are not saviors do not make them out to be. Some white women/men can stand in solidarity with black people and DO. But AGAIN when I refer to WHITE, i’m referring to the social and institutional power structure that is dominated by white supremacy and fueled by racist individuals, individual white privilege that goes unacknowledged and white entitlement. You are attempting to bring up you’re whiteness as a way to silence the voice of those oppressed by WHITE, that will not work here. You may feel guilty but this is not the place to assuage that guilt by arguing about how all white people aren’t like that, of this i am aware, it does not need to be said but instead of trying to save your white pride, you could try having symptoms from those who are SUFFERING under that same white pride, white pride that took the life of Trayvon. Its disgusting that you think you can turn this discourse into white victimhood instead of acknowledging that white hatred is what did this. And where is that white hatred coming from? WHITE PEOPLE. Do i hate white people? NO. Do I hate their systems of oppression? YES. Do they feed into it and encourage it and add on to it? YES. So I feel perfectly FINE generalizing. You would not be worried about being lumped in if you really cared about the rights of the victims of this racial hatred.

      There is no “self righteous chip” on my shoulder. I dont CARE what you appreciate, A BOY IS DEAD, GET OVER YOURSELF. The ONLY ONES WHO FEEL THE NEED TO INTERJECT THAT all white people aren’t alike are the ones who aren’t doing anything to check the issues that white racism present, you are more worried about whiteness as an image so you’d rather stand up for that image then stand up for a dead child.

  3. Every day in the US white people are murdered, raped, and beaten from black perpetrators. In almost all cases, there is little to no media coverage. So why is there so much coverage about a neighborhood watch captain shooting a 17-year-old teen. A search on google shows all the major cable news outlets, all the major websites, and hundreds of newspaper aggressively promoting the story from the point of view of the grieving family of the deceased. This is Agitation Propaganda (agitprop) 101.

    There is definitely one detail the media is playing fast and loose with. The man fired the gun is universally described as “white.” The media wants him to be white. Having a white shooter fits their political agenda. Most media outlets are not showing his picture, even though a picture is available. All you hear and see is “George Zimmerman, white man!” What they aren’t telling you is the mother of Zimmerman is a Latino immigrant.

    Robert Zimmerman, the father, told the Orlando Sentinal “George Zimmerman is Hispanic and grew up in a multiracial family.”

    Barack Obama also has one white parent. The media never calls him a “white man.”

    1. …..Where is your evidence Sally? the majority of crime committed by black people are committed ON black people……….THAT IS A FACT, LOOK IT UP. Dont come into my blog with bullshit. Also it is the WHITE law that says if you have one drop of black in you, you are black, not black law, he is not a WHITE man because he does not come under white privilege….privilege that other white people hold for themselves.

  4. FatFem,

    Lets get one thing straight, I feel ZERO guilt as a white person in this society. A Mexican man killed an innocent black child. It is very sad. You have tried to make it a racial thing. Whitey oppressing poor, poor blacks again. More blacks murder blacks (and whites) than whites ever do. You would do better to worry about your cholesterol levels. The proud black woman standing up for her race image is wearing a bit thin. I am standing up for Trayvon because he was a human being and he deserves it. I am going to tell you this much, I have lived in ethnically diverse neighborhoods most of my life. I have noticed and long known that there is great racial prejudice between the black and BROWN race. It has nothing to do with slavery! Blah, blah, blah… boring.

    “White female supremacy”!!?? The reason you hate white women is because black men seem to prefer them. Not my fault, honey! Get off the internet and get on a treadmill, it’s not about your race. Your problems can’t be blamed on race. The modern white race has bent over backwards to see to it that you have equality and I for one am tired of hearing the “poor me song.” I am done listening to it. Write to yourself. This blog doesn’t seem to have followers anyway. BYE

    1. damn how ignorant of you, Zimmerman is not “a mexican man” he is hispanic and the whole issue of his race is less relevant than the culture created by white domination that allowed his behavior to go unchecked, and unnoticed, HE LOOKS WHITE and therefore has tapped into the privilege that comes with it, especially pertaining to the police department. THIS IS A RACIAL THING when someone is KILLED FOR BEING BLACK IT IS A RACIAL THING IN FACT IT IS A HATE CRIME. Where have you been? And I already SAID that more black murder black than white people do, do not repeat a point I previously made it just makes you sound ignorant. And the proud black woman standing up for her race thing? really? lol how disgustingly privileged of you, 300yrs of dehumanization and slavery and …50 years later we are STILL fighting off the effects of the barbaric domination of white people and trying to stand up to it is “wearing a bit thin”? lol fuck you. You DENY the fact that he is black and that he was KILLED FOR BEING BLACK because it points to a much larger problem. If Trayvon were a white teenager walking through the same neighborhood no one would have followed him or attacked him…PERIOD. THE FACT IS THAT ZIMMERMAN is ignorant and believed in the lies and stereotypes perpetuated by white supremacy about black people and acted on them. THAT IS THE PROBLEM. Because this implicates white people you are rejecting it, that is ignorant in and of itself. And I do not hate white women, in fact I stand in solidarity with MANY white females mostly feminists who believe in the humanity and dignity of ALL people regardless of race, orientation, gender, sex, religion etc. what i do NOT stand for or with are the IGNORANT people who think they can sweep under the rug an issue that they know NOTHING ABOUT …like racism and the black experience simply because they dont want to hear about it. You will NOT be silencing me or any other black person who decides to speak about the white patriarchal capitalistic system of domination that has torn apart the entire country and impoverished, murdered, maimed and humiliated so many people. Also….THIS IS MY BLOG, get the fuck off my blog if you dont like what I have to say. Making a personal attack on my appearance renders everything intelligent you might say COMPLETELY invalid….assuming you know the rules of LOGICAL engagement. The modern white race has dont NOTHING but ride on the backs of the people they exploit.

  5. How ignorant are YOU young lady? To say that George is not Mexican, but he is Hispanic! Is like screaming he is not a man, he IS A MAMMAL! In fact, that term didn’t exist before the 1970s.

    Your appearance IS your identity on this blog, and in that regard, YOU brought it up. Of course you should love yourself and your body. This blog is a distraction from dealing with your real issues. You have chosen three things about yourself to be self righteous and judgemental about.
    Those three are your race, your morbid obesity, and your gender. Do you even have an identity outside of those three issues? Before your parents were even a gleam in the eyes of your grandparents, I was fighting for the rights of blacks. I did it in Alabama even fighting with known Klansmen against their Hitler like views. In the 1950s, I demanded to know from adults why there were no blacks living inside the city limits. I didn’t like the answer I got (namely that their houses would be burned down). I asked the adults in my world why I was being taught that all men were created equal and why black children should be forced to salute the flag every morning! No one seemed to have an answer for me. They sure didn’t like my questions! They didn’t like being called hypocrites. I was 11 years old. In school, we were allowed to bring guests for a day if we wanted, I brought a black girlfriend from church. She went to a private school, I was sent to the principals office that week because of my ‘attitude.’

    As for my white privilege, it has always been overshadowed by my gender. When I moved to Houston, Texas in the late 1960s, it was actually legal to kill your wife if you caught her in bed with a man. Now realize, that was not legal the other way around. And when I say it was legal, I mean there were no charges filed, it was not a crime, and the man got a sympathetic pat on the back for the murder. It was also no crime to rape you wife. It simply wasn’t rape, it was a right! (I know from experience) The discrimination that I got in my long life for being a woman is worse than anything you have experienced for being black. That having been said. The black woman OF MY GENERATION had double the trouble because of their race. You and I should probably not be having a discussion. I can not give you sympathy, because of our wide age difference. You have more rights and advantages in THIS DAY as a black woman than I experienced in another world long ago, with my so called ‘white privilege.’

    1. Hispanic because there is NO PROOF of where him being from MEXICO all you know is he is of Spanish decent, but nice try there. Its nice that you called me a “young lady” its also interesting that you think you can talk down to me on my own blog and tell me what my OWN blog is supposed to be about. Hmmm. Thank you for being the cliche white person by bringing up your “experience” with black INDIVIDUALS ….again you do NOT know ANYTHING about the black experience just because you have had a black friend. It was foolish to even bring it up. Your white privilege is not cancelled out or overshadowed by your gender. Again, nice try there. I will not even ask how old you are because it doesn’t matter, I just hope that you open your mind to the experiences of others and maybe that will teach you about the ways in which you contribute to the oppression of people of color. Only a foolish person would think they could tell a black woman about what its like to be a black woman and only a truly ignorant person who supports racist systems would tell a person who is oppressed by them that they are all made up. The racism in MY generation is covert, things like Trayvon Martins murder are the symptom of a problem that has not been addressed. Its nice that FOR YOU, race is not an issue (again your privilege) and it is nice to see how neatly you have swept it under the rug but for those living under the oppressive system it MUST be addressed regardless of how uncomfortable that makes people like you. I never asked for your sympathy nor do I care for your pity or your respect, coming from a person so ignorant it means NOTHING. I dont make it a habit of entertaining ignorant and small minded people so this will be the last time I answer your comment. All I can say is EDUCATE YOURSELF. Read a book that doesnt support what you THINK you know, challenge yourself. Toodles

    2. I agree with you, Sally. It wasn’t considered illegal in the state I reside either, I suppose. I recall a former prison warden telling me that a lot of the prisoners were nice guys but were only in there because they caught their wives in bed with another man. That told me what he thought about the “crime” and though I did no back up research, I assumed it was probably legal , too…for a time, that is.

      We also have a lot of Zimmerman like characters running around. I find them rather frightening. They believe everyone should be armed and they will do almost anything to bring those stats up. Police typically do not provide services to civilians that aren’t members of their immediate family or list of friends that snuggle up to them for extra benefits that most take for granted. You have to ‘know” someone.

      I’ve received death threats from a black person before-a large black woman at that- and was told it was a civil case. She had once worked for the police dept. (Guess that is where they get the right). I even had a woman abandon her 4 year old child with me for hours. A Burke and Dooney purse was more important than that baby, and, since she, too, worked in the criminal justice system and her husband was deployed at a place those purses could be purchased at a huge discount…everyone owed them.

      Does that make me prejudiced? No. I know many more black people that do not act totally moronic like the ones I have described. I am, however, much more cautious around them after the death threats spewed. I could see that actually happening. It makes you paranoid not knowing which black man is her relative that is willing to kill you for not going along with her craziness.

      They have managed to clear up these issues by everyone excepting sleeping around as a general practice/lifestyle change. Typically the teenage thieves run in pairs-both black and white. Mexicans are learning Farcy-passing messages on the almighty dollar-and e veryone is striving to become One.

      Rest assured, if your taillight is out or something a good Samaritan will follow you home and let you know (a friend had this happen to her…she’s white and Protestant). If I see the same black man more than once miles apart I just assume he’s the big black cat everyone is searching for.

      This is why Zimmermans are allowed to rule the roost.

  6. A quote from ‘Sally’ who commented above:
    “The reason you hate white women is because black men seem to prefer them. Not my fault, honey! Get off the internet and get on a treadmill, it’s not about your race. Your problems can’t be blamed on race. The modern white race has bent over backwards to see to it that you have equality and I for one am tired of hearing the “poor me song.” I am done listening to it. Write to yourself. This blog doesn’t seem to have followers anyway”

    Sally, I read your comments. I am so disapointed as a “woman” that you went to the old cliche of Lose weight & attacked her appearance. We as women are as bad as men. That is the first thing we go to when we have nothing to contribute to a conversation. If you know anything about Nicci you would know what type of person she is. She is not a “poor me” black woman. She is just a “Woman” with a ‘stand up for yourself of all color/race etc’ attitude. The thing about it is she is right. As a woman of light color (lol) we need to be yelling about Trayvon. We need to stop sweeping it under the rug and hope it just goes away. Instead of just having all the black leaders rallying why is there no white leaders out there holding rallies? Because of our own insecurities, guilt and prejudices. So before you come on Nicci’s blog and slam her and undermine her on her own turf, you need to check your own mind. Why are you so angry? Why did you use her as an outlet for your anger? You might not like what you find out. But as soon as you do you can start to see things in a different light. PUN INTENDED!
    And by the way Sally, the help and support that Nicci has brought to a lot of women, including me, doesn’t have a number. If she has 2 ppl who read her blog and feel like they got something out of it then God Bless Nicci for it. Numbers are just numbers.

    God Bless Sally and smile once at someone. Makes you feel better.
    Stay right her Nicci.
    Loves alot…..

    1. you know i love you Jana, and i dont think i could have responded better to Sally about this. THANK YOU. I love that you know where I’m coming from pretty much 100% of the time and that you are a light woman who stands in solidarity with ppl of color when it comes to justice without shame or guilt. YOU are going to be one of the reasons paradigms of racism and hatred change, and I am SO glad that I know you.

  7. And here I thought,this white supremacy was more dominant in South Africa.I’ve been following this story but I didn’t get the details until I stumbled on your blog.Thank you,you can be assured that I will also voice my opinion

  8. Every white person is racist. No black person is guilty. Evidence does not matter. Thousands of blacks murdered by blacks every year in US but who cares?

    1. Black people fighting amongst themselves for extremely scarce resources is not racial, it has everything to do with poverty and nothing to do with Trayvon Martin’s death. The fact that you would even bring it up and think that it is RELEVANT is proof that you care more about protecting white pride and supremacy than JUSTICE. No. Not every white person is a racist, but a whole hell of a lot of them ARE. There are more white racists than their are non-racists and those who arent racist aren’t commenting on my blog bc they KNOW I’m referring to supremacists and racists not them. The only ones that have the occasion to be upset with what I say are the racists, truth hurts. “No black person is guilty” ….Trayvon Martin is not guilty, he is not guilty of doing anything but being black and walking through a neighborhood where a law breaking racist with a gun was lurking

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