This Isn’t A Feminist/Womanist Competition

It baffles me the way that some feminists and womanists use their passion for advocacy to push people away from the woman’s movement. They attack the first thing they disagree with, they curse each other out and SOMETIMES they actually use misogynistic and even racial slurs against people who disagree, all in the name of advocacy. The way that feminists/womanists communicate has GOT to change!.Solidarity with other feminists/womanists is the corner stone to sparking change, sparking revolution but if we’re too caught up in the argument of it to actually unite then the knowledge we have and the passion we have for justice is useless. This is not a feminist/womanist competition. We dont need to out do each other by arguing angrily, insulting one another and by trying to silence each other. I understand being a disempowered woman, especially a black woman….I myself live life that way but it isnt actually empowering to use our knowledge in feminine pissing contests.

I am also disturbed the way that some white feminists refuse to hear ANYTHING a woman of color has to say if it mentions white privilege or supremacy, its like they think because they are women they cannot be oppressors. WRONG. You CAN be an oppressor and some of you ARE, just the fact that you think you aren’t and refuse to hear that you may be is oppressive because it means youre using your privilege to silence a woman of color. there has to be a moment where you SHUT UP and let women of color speak on behalf of themselves, where you let women of color TEACH you about their experiences becuase no….you dont know everything there is to know about being a woman aespecially a woman of color. Then women of color….the way you talk to white women, we’re angry without provocation and we’re EXTREMELY impatient with them. We need to stop that. At the end of the day some of our struggles intersect and its counter productive to immediately and completely dismiss all white feminists because of privilege….unless we all go back to africa or our respective countries then we have to live along side white women …and more than that, they are fighting for something too and they need to be EDUCATED, not yelled at, not cussed at.Also black feminists….lets chill out with the colorism. Yes, light skinned women are privileged but they are of African decent  and they are fighting for the same cause you are fighting for. Light skinned women, a dark skinned woman who tries to get you to see your privilege is NOT attacking you, she is not accusing you, she is teaching you. Just because the lesson hurts doesnt mean its irrelevant. At the end of the day, privilege because of color is a problem started by white supremacy, light skinned women, check your privilege, dark skinned women work with light skinned women to smash white supremacy.  Light skinned feminists/womanists are not your enemies.

STOP TRYING TO SILENCE TRANS PERSONS! They are human beings with a struggle of their own. They are beaten and oppressed because of their gender….sound familiar?! the root of femininism and womanism is to smash forced gender roles so that the humanity in every human being can come out without barriers. That struggle is not unique to women, men, straight, bi, homosexual or transgendered persons. They are not going to ruin anything, they want their voice to be heard as badly as you do and they are just as important as you are. Lesbians, Gays, and Bi-Sexuals are the same, we have all suffered blows at the hands of patriarchal terrorism and it is that same patriarchy that demands cisgenderism, that demands every woman be with a man and every man with a woman regardless of their NATURAL state of attraction….we’re FIGHTING that right? So stop denying access and a voice to LGBT members of the community, either we’re REALLY fighting patriarchy or we are pandering to patriarchy hoping that ONLY WE get a pass from under its thumb and THAT is NOT feminism or womanism.

And lastly….when someone who is oppressed by something you experience privilege under, BELIEVE THEM, stop denying privilege because it is not UP TO YOU to tell a fat person that they do not experience fat bigotry, or a black person that they do not experience racism, any more than it is for a man to tell a woman she is not experiencing sexism. I was hurt a few weeks ago talking to some of my fellow womanists about thin privilege and fat bigotry….they thought it was a joke. Some actually had the audacity to say “not every thing is privilege, fat people just want an excuse to be fat” …..really? I admit that I shut down, here I am trying to educate and simultaneously stand with women like myself and they are using their privilege to silence me and THEY DIDNT EVEN REALIZE IT. Because fat hatred was so ingrained in them, they could not see their privilege…..they could see the privilege of white people, of men, of the rich, of light skinned people but they could not see that because they were “thin” they had more power and status than a fat person, power and status they did not earn. Open your eyes and your ears fam….you could be at the lowest end of the social pole and still be able to silence someone else….its not just about what other people and institutions do to YOU, its also about the role YOU play in doing things to others. Are you a kick ass feminist who takes pictures of fat people to post online for “fun” ? Then you need to take a step back and REALLY re-evaluate your privilege and your bigotry…just because we are advocates doesnt mean we are perfect but we are GUILTY when we do not CHECK ourselves when we are wrong

We want to foster an atmosphere of growth and mutual respect, then we need to put in place some love ethics….this is the only way we’ll get anything done.


4 thoughts on “This Isn’t A Feminist/Womanist Competition

  1. Thank you for writing this.

    I’m a 21-year old, white, female feminist out here in Scotland.

    I freakin’ love your blog. It’s really opened my eyes and I like to refer to it when I’m arguing with someone, haha!

    Keep fighting, sister. 🙂

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