Fat & Beautiful Are NOT Mutually Exclusive


Fat and Beautiful are not mutually exclusive. Time and Time again I’ve been hit on by guys who refuse to call me fat or acknowledge that I am indeed FAT. In fact when I refer to myself as “fat” guys think I’m insulting myself or downing myself when in actuality I’m not. I’m simply using a popular description to adequately describe my body. Technically, NO, I am not FAT, I HAVE fat. But fat is the term people use to describe people that are my size and since it wasnt always negative, I dont mind reclaiming the word and PROUDLY. So thank you for calling me “thick” or “curvy” but don’t forget I’m fat too. I love being fat, i love my body, I feel no shame associated with my fat and THAT is a good thing. So when you tell me I’m not fat, I’m beautiful. You’re suggesting that I can’t be both at the same time. You’re suggesting that fat is ugly in general and that should never be associated with me because you dont see me that way but …I would rather be celebrated for who I am, everything that I am ….and my fat is a part of me, not one I am ashamed of but one I accept and LOVE. Saying “your’e not fat you’re beautiful is like saying “you’re not black you’re beautiful” …..it essentially makes me a fat token while simultaneously declaring all fat people are ugly….and they aren’t. So…..I’m fat AND I’m beautiful….and I’m fuckable and sexy and adorable like a basket of feral kittens lol I am fat and I dont intend to change


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