Love With Discretion

I’ve taught myself to Love with discretion
To go pro’s and cons’s on this mystery that people kill for…..
That people die for
I don’t want to take the plunge
Without a parachute
I have no interest in falling
I will not romanticize crash landings
NO putting responsibility and failure into the hands of chance
To be in love
To be happy would mean a small controlled glide
It would mean weights and measures
Checks and balances
Loving with discretion requires that long, hard…
Up late in the night
Ruminating about the meaning of love
It means pondering what love DOES rather than what love IS.
What I will do…when I decide I love you.
Falling in love is too quick, uncontrolled, and irresponsible…..
When love crumbles to pieces
After one season of implementation
And i look at you to say…i dont know what happened
I will be dodging the responsibility by blaming it on fate
because when it came to love I didnt discriminate …
So love?
FALLING in love?
Don’t mind if I dont!


6 thoughts on “Love With Discretion

  1. It took me a long long (again) LONG time to find my love, my best friend, my protector, my one and only, my husband. Almost losing him years ago because of my insecurities and my failures but he stood by me. He saw something inside of me that needed to be brought back out that had been slammed away by someone evil. He rode the journey through the ups and downs. 23 years later we still talk on the phone every morning while he is at work and Im on my way to work as if we just started dating. Like we hadn’t talked for years. He said the other day he still gets butterflies in his belly knowing that I am almost home. Although could be cuz he is getting hungry. LOL. This is the man I love til the day I die. This is the man I want for you. You deserve that also. I know he is out there for you. “Don’t mind if you DO”. I come back and read your poems often. You know that right? Not sure why you have touched me so much. God has a plan for us all. I am just here for the ride with you. Xo

    1. I truly believe you are right Jana….God does have a plan for us all and I am content to wait on her to show me what she has…I have to tell you that what you have with your husband sounds so beautiful …. just the thought that I might deserve something like that truly humbles me….I’ve been through so much and sometimes I am more afraid of getting what I want than I am of the tragedy I’ve experienced. I’m glad that my poems touch you…I’d go insane if I didnt write them lol and I like to think that sharing them links me up to a bunch of people that I need….and that need me.

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