Useful- A Poem


Its good…its good to be useful
Winding through, short nights, light sleeper, daydreamer
Sometimes The lady works to be everything you want
Someone to gather your failures and call them success
Reinforce your arrogance…to cling to the pendulum of your words
She sews you together, frantic sticky fingers
Blind to faults
The lady’s personal preservation replaced by the need to be useful
To You
The somebody, The anybody
Needing soft skin to lay between
The somebody
The anybody
Bold enough to find the Lady’s
The Thickness
The Craze
There is that lady…among the rows of ambiguous faces
Womanly grimace, never a bitter tear
Disregarded dreams
And standards
But useful
They find her so useful
She finds herself so used
Parasitic relationship of sorts
Producing a breed of ..girls without
But useful


5 thoughts on “Useful- A Poem

  1. Wow, and Wow again. I’ve actually just got back to work on a short fiction pice titled Vampires and this poem pretty much sums up the relationship between my characters. Loved this.

  2. gosh…gosh… I dont have the words to discribe how your words make me feel. Sincere. lovely, intelligent, all the things we are. Thank you for giving me that and giving me an outlet to come to also. You have no idea. Blessing that I found you. Not to be all sappy. LOL. In other words girl…..You rock it. Keep with me.

    1. No sappiness to me! you are the reason I write poetry….I write it so that people who can relate and NEED to hear these things can hear them and essentially be set free 🙂 it does me soo good to see that my poems and my posts are reaching the audience they are intended for. I truly thank you for the honest feedback

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