Twilight Ruminations – A Poem

I laid in the crook of your arm …
Busy planting kisses
Softening the hard places I nestled into
And though we were joined
I couldn’t reach your heart….
And leaking from my lips was a soft stifled song
I’d hoped would melt into you
But it was misunderstood as lust and abandon
Whose decrescendo betrayed it as love
When darkness crept closer
I learned the rhythm of your heart beat
I could imagine you were mine
Lost in the silk I had spun around us to hide my idolatry
I needed to praise you with my sincerity and stop time
I would live in that moment ….not knowing what it wasn’t
Just to feel again, how I felt that night
But the lie I loved still sustains me
Even as I live the truth


4 thoughts on “Twilight Ruminations – A Poem

  1. I love coming back and re-reading your poems. Just beautiful, sad, heartbreaking, incredibly deep, true and so real. You got the gift girl. Xo

    1. Thanks so much Jana ….I get a smidge worried that people will get tired of my heartache lol but I know some can relate and that keeps me writing …pluse i get an amazing release outta it! lol

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