The Motions Of A Man & The Mindset Of A Boy

Peter pan left Never Never land because he wanted to be a daddy……he wanted to be with Wendy……boyhood has so much appeal BUT when you introduce fatherhood….sex and romantic relationships….boyhood has to give way to adulthood ….yet so many men have yet to accept this reality. So they fuck around …..leech off of the love of anyone they can without giving much back for fear of the biggest part of adult hood….responsibility. Even when they have children they abandon them for Never Never land………for childish games and a feigned freedom that is really about selfishness and denial….so many boys playing grown up games and leaving women with most if not all the consequences and even then we are supposed to admire these boys for their conquests, their charm, their “right” to live life however they see fit even if it tramples on a heart they toy with…..or a child they father. Its fucking disgusting. I’ve had guys complain to me about how hard it is to get women to have sex with them and when I point out how hard it is to get men to love and to take responsibility for their words, their actions and their children…..somehow my complaint doesn’t quite “count”. You’re so worried about ways to get sex that you don’t realize that sex is but a PART of adulthood and you cannot embrace one part for the fun of it at the expense of other people! You are not entitled to sex by virtue of the fact that you have a dick… YES it is going to be hard to get someone with self respect and goals to lie down with you. There is more at stake for women when it comes to sex like …possible unwanted pregnancies and slut shaming or bad reputations that fuck with their goals and personal relationships in the future. You don’t “deserve” to use the body of a woman and just bc you have a big dick or a smooth stroke doesn’t mean she OWES u.
Casual sex has its place in society ….sure it does but you cannot call it casual sex when you feed emotion into it in order to keep the sex coming. There is a line…..a line where casual sex becomes manipulation even when yur both getting off … you suggest things that you know aren’t true, make promises you won’t or can’t keep and squeeze affection out of someone YOU dnt truly care for or want to be with….YOUR responsible for every lie you tell and every thing you do to push your agenda! Playtime is OVER. Childhood was over the moment you decided to engage in adult pursuits. You cannot act like an adult and abandon the responsibility of adulthood. If you want to fuck, date, love, and be a father then you HAVE to leave entitlement behind, selfishness behind because the MOMENT you include another person in your life you have picked up responsibility. Whether yu admit it or not….whether you. assume it or not. If I sound upset’s because I am….this pattern of boyish behavior pisses me off….but more so because it has a negative affect on others….if you could do all the aforementioned without it having a negative impact on another then HAVE AT IT. That isn’t my business…but the point is that YOU CAN’T.


2 thoughts on “The Motions Of A Man & The Mindset Of A Boy

  1. Girl, this should be posted in the little boys bathrooms at the high schools. For all those soon to be 18 year old guys who think with their “winkie” before they “drinkie”.. LOVE this. Good writing. xxoo


    1. lol thanks Jana!!! I appreciate you giving this one a read….I woke up in a fury this morning thinking about the fetish men have with boyhood and the escapeism at the expense of women it provies

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