ProWoman IS ProMan IS Prohuman

All oppression is connected~StaceyAnn Chin

Every time we liberate a woman, we liberate a man. ~Margaret Mead

It saddens me that men who support my fight for equality on the gender side of things and choose to believe it’s solely about women. They do not understand that while women are fighting for equal pay for equal work, sexual freedom (being able to say no to sex or yes to sex without being raped, socially outcasted or made to feel like our sexuality is not our own but the property of a man), freedom from ideas of inferiority that lead us to fall victim to domestic violence and social + institutional oppressions that are solely based off of constructed gender ideals. When you tell a woman everything she is, you are telling a man every thing he isnt. Whose idea was it to take the traits that all humans shared and split them up among us according to sex and gender? Give the women the right to cry, to feel emotion, put them in the home, the church and the school with the children and the elderly. Give the men anger, aggression, violence and the right to use all to protect themselves and women, put them in the sky scraper and battle field. The problem is that splitting up these traits is not functional. One human is supposed to embody all of these traits because all of these traits work together to balance a person. When these roles are assigned a gender they oppress the people they are assigned to and the people who have to live without them. Hence the idea that ALL OPPRESSION IS CONNECTED. You cannot withhold humanity from one group without withholding it from another. These aspects of humanity like the expression of love, fear, pain etc. are those that keep aggression, and violence in check. Whoever said it was strictly about women? I am pro-woman because women do not have a voice where men have many and have been using it to advance an agenda that has held women down. The feminist movement has NEVER sought to bring men down, control men or turn them into slaves to women, they have only sought to level the playing field for ALL.

Calling emotionality “feminine” and parenthood and teaching etc. “feminine” has taken it off the table for men, that is a whole aspect of humanity they are denied and deny themselves in order to remain in power, yet it is essential to their survival, it is what separates them from animals. There is no feminine or masculine, no specific role a person should play, every expression of self is supposed to be shared among humans. Women are not naturally better at raising children just because they come out of their body, seriously have you HEARD of Casey Anthony?!!!! and the many other women who had children with no sense of motherly affection towards them? Women and men are not naturally more one thing over another, they are SOCALIZED to be that way and if we ever hope to liberate both sexes and ALL genders we have GOT to deconstruct these gender roles. Feminists do not attack men, they ask men to take part in the liberation of all , it requires work from both sexes and all genders, but getting men who believe we are inferior to help us banish an oppression that affects us all is hard as fuck and a full time job. Stop pretend like this isnt YOUR fight too and join us in the fight for gender equality. Yes, this fight calls on you to stop using us as footstools, as sex objects and as punching bags but ALL MEN are better for it, and all women as well.


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