Evil is Ignorance

I just want to quickly tell you my theory about evil. I believe that evil is based primarily on ignorance. A true lack of understanding and knowledge lays the foundation for evil. Therefore ignorance is the foundation for evil. But it is WILLFUL ignorance therefore it is not and never can be an excuse for evil. but In any case, knowledge is key. Some people will FIGHT a change  even if it is based on fact simply because they cannot let go of the justification of evil. Killing one another, denying one another their basic human rights works on a system of POWER and control which are both illusions based on ignorance, and willful ignorance is selfishness…..it goes around and around this way without the introduction of knowledge and people suffer at the hands of those who are willfully ignorant

The oppressed MUST embrace knowledge as a weapon against their oppressors. Knowledge disillusions the oppressed, knowledge gives them hope, it exposes them to a life outside of discrimination and oppression and it is the ONLY thing that will encourage the poor, the racially discriminated against, women and other marginalized groups. Knowledge disillusions and calls on those disillusioned to FIGHT for their rights…….because it defines their rights and exposes how few of those rights they are enjoying….


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