Birthday Musings

Well its my 22nd Birthday n I’m already feeling all kinds of old…….last night I wrote down every bad memory, every bad person, and every struggle I’d gone through while I was 21 and I burned it at midnight. Ok…..I felt like a bit of a creep standing over the stove watching the flames….but it needed to be done. I felt like burning those things ,those people even instead of carrying them over into another year of disappointment, anxiety and heartbreak. And so I did, I didnt feel any different…..I still don’t but I intend to remind myself everytime those things pop back up (and pop back up they will because swear to god life is cyclical) that I burned them, therefore I should not entertain them….I’ve already had to do that twice but I let them go, and I intend to make sure they stay gone.

While i was 21 i became a feminist, started dealing with my tragedies, I’ve taken responsibility for my sexuality, my emotions and every decision be it bad or good…..I chose to love (foolishly) for the first time. Had the best sex I’ve had so far………while I was 21 major aspects of my personality changed, I became emotionally stable, smarter, more focused and driven……I started living with more integrity and honesty….In general…21 was a year in my life for exponential growth and I hope to reap the benefits of that growth now …..during my 22nd year. So…..I thought I would usher this 22nd year in with a


and a simple thank you for every friend and family member that I’m carrying over into this new year…..idk what I would be without my community.


2 thoughts on “Birthday Musings

  1. If you want to get rid of something, don’t burn it. Burning binds. Bury it or dispose of it in ocean or stream. Read. Learn. You’re very young! Good luck in new year. Do it again… 🙂

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