The Night I Left My Mind Behind-A Poem

You slid into me, as I was sliding into myself
Trying to free my mind, trying to enjoy you
You settled over me and I lost my train of thought
Sex…….but not sex
One step before love making
And we’d found passion
I brought my body to share with you
Offered it up for your enjoyment
Never expecting to be drowned
The heat was unbearable, your skin feverish and slick
I wanted to burst open, to cover you
Let my love leak from my fingertips and overtake you
Before, First, you covered me with your body and I’d forgotten my plans
Pressing into mine, our lips were occupied
Mine, obsessed with yours
I didn’t have time to analyze every stroke
I couldn’t deconstruct what you were saying,why you were saying it
I was lost
I’d left my mind behind for……
A dark room
A dark form
A slow burn
For the love song our bodies made as we moved
I’d given away some of my sorrow just to be with you that night
One night in a twin bed replaced nightmares & sadness
On top of me, I didn’t think of what you’d do when it was over
I didn’t regret you before we finished
I secretly loved you and every second you gave me
Where sex had been complex, it became gracefully simple
I was sharing it …for the first time
On the premise of love
I didn’t care how you felt, if you loved me back, I didnt care for the conclusion
I just knew that I chose you, I wanted you and I got you
For three hours  you were mine for eternity
A gift from God that I could not take for granted
That I could not muddy with pitiful memories and heartache
You stand alone in my heart and cancel out everyone that came before you


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