Beauty Defines The Woman, Money Defines The Man

Beauty defines the woman and money defines the man. Tell me this statement isn’t true. Our entire society is set up in a way that says if a woman is beautiful she is useful, relevant, and acceptable. And capitalism working hand in hand with patriarchy says that if a man has money, it doesnt matter what he looks like, he is relevant, powerful and acceptable. This is a problem because money is an objective thing, everyone likes money, everyone sees the value in money, it is a universal symbol of prestige. But beauty is very subject. What is beautiful to one might not be beautiful to another, and women are born either matching the ideal standard of beauty or not matching it. Women can literally be born to success or failure. A man can always find ways to make money and if he does, it doesnt matter how fat, ugly or mean he is, he will have success in the business world, socially, even when it comes to law. A man can make money but a woman can’t make beauty. Yes there is plastic surgery, hair dye, makeup but none of these can really make you completely beautiful because they are never enough! The standard is IDEAL because no woman can ever meet it. But men can meet the money mark without being billionaires. All a man has to be able to do is have a car, a place and a woman that is close to the ideal standard of beauty and he is immediately accepted as successful.

Beauty or attractiveness is a state of being, but money is an action (to make money). To make money is power for a man, and trust me when I say it is endless. To be beautiful is power to a woman but you also have to take into consideration that beauty is important because women are considered to be symbols of status and power! You are beautiful SO a man can have you on his arm and the world will say……damn he must be rolling in dough to pull a chick like that. A woman’s beauty is USED to help a man get ahead. It is used to make your company look good, to attract customers etc. Beauty is a huge determining factor in every arena that woman take part in. And if your not a beautiful or attractive woman……..your option for career, mate, friends etc. are very limited. It is easier to be a man because when a baby is born and the doctor says “its a girl” she is automatically disadvantaged. But a man, even across racial lines has the upper hand, even born into a family living in poverty. Being a woman and being “ugly” serves as a real time handicap, one that really doesn’t face men. An ugly man has a better chance of finding a mate because women do not see men as trophies, a woman is not going to gain social power by having a cute/sexy/handsome man or if she does it will be very minute amounts of power among other women who are in the same boat as she is, social power wise.These roles are perpetuated by men AND women but they were originally created by patriarchy (societal rule by men).

I was talking to a good friend of mine about this and he said “yea but the police hate men alot more than they hate women and the consequence for crime is alot greater”. I told him patriarchy set up a system of competition that doesn’t always benefit men. There is competition between men and policemen about who will run the community, both come from a position of wanting power, it just so happens that one has the law on its side and the ability to force their rule on society where the other group (regular men) do not. I hate to sound harsh but MEN created this competition! And they perpetuate it. Yes police hate men, but men hate police TOO! Especially across racial lines. But where does this fit in with the “beauty defines the woman, money defines the man” argument? Well if your a man with money, the police rarely bother you, regardless of color, you are perceived to be a “good man” because you aren’t living in the ghetto or driving a hoopty. Money is GOD for men. IT has occurred to men that the competition for power and status is between men and men only and women are often used as a tool towards winning……….Say oppression was a fence and each characteristic you possessed that you could be oppressed for added 5 feet to your fence. A black man from the ghetto’s fence would be 10 feet high, 5 for black, 5 for poverty. Now take a woman’s fence say she is black or hispanic, from the ghetto, ugly, fat, has children. Her fence would be about 25 feet high…….fattness, ugliness and having children are not things counted against a man and there are many more things like these that are not counted against men but are certainly counted against women.

When I see a woman succeed I am alot prouder than I would be of a man simply because of the oppressive weight that women face compared to the oppressive weight that men face to impede success. Men tell me all the time the battle is over, there is no need for feminists, yet they ignore the privilege they enjoy EVERYDAY. It is a privilege to be defined by money (something you can control) then by physical appearance. It is a privilege not to have to worry about being too ugly, fat, having too many children or being a “slut”. These are hurdles that a man with money does not have to worry about. I wrote this blog simply to point this out. Give you some food for thought.


2 thoughts on “Beauty Defines The Woman, Money Defines The Man

  1. Another angle on beauty vs. money is that it’s possible for a man to keep getting richer. A woman will be fighting a losing battle to continue to be beautiful in the relevant sense.

    On the other hand, the playing field for getting money isn’t as equal as you imply– just as having the “right” skin color and bone structure and metabolism isn’t evenly distributed for beauty, so having sufficient intelligence (perhaps the right kind of intelligence) for making a lot of money isn’t evenly distributed. And a lot more is known about adjusting people’s appearances than about increasing their intelligence.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to respond Nancy. You are right it is definitely a losing battle.

      of course you have to take into consideration the effects of capitalism especially on a non white man or a man with less access to education and opportunity but a woman of the same economic position is slighted even more than a man because of “beauty”. If you compare a man with the same education, same ethnicity same race to a woman of the same background , then the woman still comes up shorter than the man, thats kind of the point I’m trying to make. A community of individuals that suffer oppression of the same variety like lack of a good education will still prove socially lighter on the man than the woman because of these societal ways of defining women and men.

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