Love As An AfterThought

I think the biggest problem I have w/ people is their desire to make me feel bad. What’s with that? I’m in no danger of getting a “big head” or becoming or thinking that I am “better” than you. Stormy bastards love to rain on parades and I’m pretty much tired of being waterlogged and soggy, especially by the people I lift up as often as I possibly can. I love on people fiercely because I need fierce love my damn self…..yet I always seem to get the short end of the stick when it comes to love…… every form, romantic love, friend based love. I get that “some of the time” love, or the “oh yea, I remember that I love you”, sort of love. Love as an afterthought….which is worse than not being loved at all, if u ask me. I’ve noticed that when I love someone they shine, they grow, and they flourish under that love……but they forget to love me back. I think of love as group of actions, so if your love doesnt DO ANYTHING…..well….is it really love? I don’t mean forking over cash or supplying some material. But love should trust, should listen, should advise, should encourage, should keep a secret etc……some of you are doing a HORRIBLE job.


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