Poverty = Poor Morality ….Oh just STFU Already!

I’ve been hearing and learning (via school) about the various reasons people believe others live in poverty, and I have to admit that the view points of the rich PISS ME OFF. We have heard in the news lately that a poor person is a moocher and a rich person is a hard worker, a “productive” member of society. People are literally blaming poor people for being poor by saying oh, they dont know how to save, something is wrong with them, they are lazy, greedy, sneaky. Since the beginning of time people have tried to paint the poor as criminals. Going so far as to put the poor in prison and attempting to “fix” them. Instead of addressing the reasons why someone is poor, people say there is no reason, no external factors that might cause someone to be poor.But when a recession or a depression rolls around and EVERYONE feels the effects of poverty, THEN its a legitimate problem?

Oh how conveniently we forget about the oppression and discrimination that is running rampant in our society, unchecked simply because white patriarchs have declared racism abolished, and some black people are going along with that…just so they can get along. Just because its not overt, does not mean it doesn’t exist. Its some rather ignorant shit to declare everyone is equal when the lines of racism and inequality are spelled out VERY clearly in our economy and distribution of wealth. The American Dream is attainable ONLY if you have access to the resources that make it attainable which entails a very large # of factors. Healthcare, quality schooling, adequate nutrition, living conditions, family cohesiveness , stability and safety. The very fact that capitalism works on a premise that says in order to turn a profit someone has to get exploited, Should be proof that poorness does not mean the people who are subjected to it are flawed in any way! For the rich the poor serve a functional purpose and it has nothing to do with work ethic, or a lack of self control or a lack of desire to work and everything to do with keeping people poor enough to make record breaking profits, and the power, prestige and wealth that comes with it.

People are bitching (republicans) about how 51% of Americans dont pay income tax…….shut the fuck up! the people who aren’t paying income tax are the people living in poverty THERE IS A REASON THEY DONT PAY DUMB ASSES. NOt to mention the taxes that they DO PAY. Which are conveniently left out every time a republican finds a lectern or pulpit to start screaming their hate filled messages , the point I am trying to make is that every one is blaming the poor people for being poor, they are blaming the poor people for the deficit but not once has ANYONE tried to put aside the REASONS people are poor and addressed the problem itself. We are talking about the elderly, the mentally ill, the disabled and blind, women with children who do not have families to support them. And while you can scream that they should have done this or that, it doesnt help them now! They are HUMAN BEINGS, not numbers and security is justice for these people……but some how their humanity is called into question just because they cannot afford to feed themselves or they cannot find a job that is adequate? People are too busy generalizing and assuming to actually do anything to help! People are happier to blame poor people on welfare for the financial ills of today then the corporations that are stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars and purposefully paying workers under a reasonable living wage. Poverty only matters when it affects white people (predominately males) who used to be rich. Then they are just down on their luck, and need a hand up. But let it be a woman of color, man of color, a woman with children or elderly parents to take care of, then she is just an eyesore on our perfect society bc of her lack of morality


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