Independent Love

Well I just want to say that I believe the best love to have for another person, is love that you control, love that you choose and love you take responsibility for. I’ve been thinking about this thing called LOVE lately and I realized that people use the word in an effort to control others, they use the word hoping that they are raising the stakes enough with another person to get them to yield, obey, submit etc. But real love………real and perfect love does not desire to control the other person, does not desire to make the other person’s decisions for them REAL LOVE’S VERY EXISTENCE does not rely on the reciprocation of love, it just IS. It IS for as long as you want it to be, for as long as you feed it, for as long as you express it, real love relies on YOU to work…… that is a weighty responsibility but if you can train yourself to truly believe that, only you can break your heart…… can do things to hurt you physically …but the state of your heart…only you should control that, it is the safest way to love


2 thoughts on “Independent Love

    1. thanks T.C., I’m glad ur pickin up what I’m puttin down……its sumthing I been thinking about alot …..myself being in love with a man I am unsure of whether he loves me or not……and I realized whatever the outcome I am better for loving him and expressing that love to him, without expecting him to do something….it is the expectation that can break a heart but letting love just BE, will keep you together mentally and emotionally

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