Our Obsession With Racial Authenticity

I am not considered black by black people….nor am I considered white by white people, I am light skinned & I have no racial solidarity, except with other bi-racial people… if I chose friends, mates etc. based on that solidarity, my world would shrink dramatically. Yet I am called on to embrace biases both races have against each other w/o being offended by either….it is a privilege to not have your authenticity questioned bc of yur skin tone
It is extremely important to remember that race, like gender, is socially constructed. Race is nothing but a bunch of physical traits. The type of nose you have, the shade of skin you have, the type of hair. All physical traits. And like gender the concept of race is used to stratify. We saw through the days of slavery that white people used the concept of race to justify using other human beings for labor. Among slaves, those that were lightskinned were usually working in close quarters with white people and seen as untrustworthy, somehow less slave, less black then the rest.

In my own life I see racial stratification…..for some reason I am not an authentically black or white person.Why? Because my mother is white and hawaiian and my father is black. I am black and only black to white people and I am only occasionally black to black people (dark skin or brown skinned black people), my authenticity to other black people is always called into question. As if my experience as a black person is some how less stressful, less discriminatory therefore less important. Which is complete bullshit. The shade of black you are doesnt matter to racist white people, black is black. The institutions that oppress people of color are not concerned with what shade of black you are. But black is not black to black people, not when black is lighter. There is also a certain type of personality that black and white people consider to be objectively assigned to each race. So that if you go outside of this personality you are “acting white” or “acting black” which is an insult. Really no person that is apart of any race acts the same as everyone in that race, personalities are subjective to each person regardless of race but people who are obsessed with racial authenticity act like the very way you act makes you apart or deviant. I’m tired of this shit. How can we ever overcome if you are so obsessed with measuring each other’s blackness? White bigots do not measure how much black you have in you, one drop of black makes you BLACK. yet black people are overly concerned with who has the most…..where is the logic in that? Its about fighting for minute amounts of social power and being able to come together with people your shade and OTHERING people who are slightly different. To be fully “black” means to be elite, more racially pure. And even tho race is a myth, people cling to it like it is the only means by which they can unite. I can’t be the only one who gets the feeling that it is much better to be ONE or the OTHER, black OR white…to be both means to be deviant, biologically …there is no difference but socially…it would seem people NEED that difference in order to give themselves the upper hand ,,,

I won’t deny that lightskinned ppl experience privilege…they do…but MEN experience privilege in the black community and …..if privilege is grounds for outcasting someone then why aren’t the ppl in our community who experience class privilege , male privilege , thin privilege being kicked out? Get the fuck over yourselves …you can’t challenge the blackness of everyone who experiences privilege, you have to demand they acknowledge that privilege and then MOVE ON. We have bigger fishes to fry than infighting because of small amounts of privilege. Also….would there be a light skinned privilege without white supremacy? NO. The bigger demon is white supremacy, and those same white people have convinced us that we should fight each other over small shit like class issues and colorism, than take on the real enemy….THEM. Horizontal hostility is all colorism and this obsession with racial authenticity is. Misplaced rage because of disempowerment. Please remember that lightskinned people experience privilege but they are STILL oppressed by white people, they are still looked over for jobs, called niggers, they still live under controlling images and stereotypes about black people…Their struggle is still your struggle and trying to outcast them hurts YOU.


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