The Folly In Personal Attacks

Let me just say now that I love to debate with people. The only that gets me angry is ignorance, and the only thing that makes me disregard yur argument as obsolete is a personal attack or an insult. Personal attacks strip your argument of its validity and its credibility. If we are talking politics, religion, the institution of marriage or education and you get to calling me a fat bitch, stupid, a cunt etc. then I cannot take anything you say seriously. A personal attack makes your argument invalid, ethics 101. Also the only thing that people seem to be able to pin on me is fatness….I’m not stupid, I’m not ignorant, I’m not ugly etc. and as I’ve said to my many attackers in the past and I will say now, I would rather be 850lbs than to be ignorant, a person who doesnt constantly question, re-evaluate, a person who doesnt seek knowledge, who doesnt add on to her intelligence every chance she gets, I would rather be fat with bad acne then drowning in the misery of misinformation and insecurity. Fitting an idealised standard of beauty will not make me a better human being, it just means I’ll fit in better, thats never been a worry for me. Beauty is not a virtue. If you aren’t open to another person’s point of view, then why are you arguing?! I consider everything someone says to me……even when they are republicans lol even when they are tea partiers (which i consider to be the KKK under a new title) I deserve that same respect and when I don’t get it I stop analyzing the truth of your premises and your conclusion


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