WoolGathering- The Many Hats Of Friendship

I haven’t written in a while………so this is just coming right off of my chest.

I hate being treated like a child one moment, and an adult the next, and then an elderly prophet………it would seem people put you in whatever category they need you in, when they need you in it. For some people they need to feel superior so when your in a good mood they trample on you….they call you childish and laugh at your fun loving silly side and pretend that they are better.

For some people they need you to relieve their physical stress so they push their sexuality on you every chance they get under the guise of friendship w/o you actually desiring to have sex with them. These people constantly cross your sexual boundaries in hopes that they can get you to pleasure them and when you don’t they just keep trying…..what a great friend.

Then there are those that treat you like Misses Cleo. They come to you for the answer to every problem they have, math problems, relationship problems, ethical questions etc.

All of these and more……I have so many hats as a friend that I can’t really keep up. And some hats (like the sexual one) I refuse to wear, pertaining to that same hat, i try to set limits and boundaries and they continuously are trampled on meaning one of these days when your hand is on my boob I’M GOING TO HULK YO ASS. ……The other hats that I wear are problems because I hate when people try to belittle or make me feel less than I am just to give themselves a boost, thats fucked up (especially because its not like I dont tell you how awesome you are everytime I talk to you), and not too friendly. And the last one……….well thats only a problem because when I need a Miss Cleo, those same friends are no where to be seen and I have to reach inside of myself and find the answers (or google them if they are no where to be found inside of me). I don’t feel like I can trust any of my friends outside of my sissie & 1 girl with the things that go on in my life………..and I hardly see either of them.

Its hard to be a strong woman because people throw themselves at you, the good and the bad and expect you to catch them. Some expect you to have all the answers, some know your strong so they try to parent you to satisfy their superiority complex and others constantly push at you to get you to comply with their sexual desires…………….This isnt a life situation to be applied to everyone….its just MY situation and I’m fucking tired as hell of it. Friendship is based on a system of reciprocity, a concept that is pretty easy to manage but for some reason……….give and take is foreign nonsense to selfish individuals with their own agendas that can’t table them to be a good friend….I GUESS.


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