Daybreak-A Poem

My new beginning is personified
Daybreak I call her
The moon gives way to the sun
Chasing the clouds
Taking the night with it
A quiet symphony of color & light
Like the whole world has taken a deep breath
Holding it in
Pause for something spectacular
My exhale was learning to love
Not a man
I’ve wrapped free arms around myself
Opened, wide eyes to….
I created for myself a new beginning
Its started ……not with my failures or my fears
With my hopes, my abilities, my unashamed muscle
Daybreak gave me permission to turn myself into a woman
One I liked
One I could respect
She helped me trade misery for a promise of joy
My own ….unlocking internal, holy truths
These are apart of her
I am apart of her
I peak over the horizon every morning & launch brillance
I expect this
Like an answer to a prayer
Dazzling luminosity
Daybreak lingers, I linger
Cluthing through the night
And then …we break again


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