Who Is God More Likely To Accept?

I was thinking today about how much hatred some Christians have for the LGBT community, how they call them disgusting and shame them, how they deny the humanity in them in an attempt to control their actions, their lives. I was thinking how some Christians and other religions that are monotheistic, condemn the LGBT community. I realized that God is more likely to accept a homosexual than one of these types of Christians. The bible says God is Love….it says there is no one without sin, all are dirty in the eyes of God ALL FALL SHORT of his glory so…..will the sin of homosexual love be judged as harshly as the sin of hatred? Some Christians spend so much time hating homosexuals that they abandon the mandate of Christ, which is to heal the sick, give sight to the blind, to meet the needs of the poor ……….Their mandate is to minister to the physical needs of the people (as Christ did) and then minister to the spiritual needs of the people(in that order).

The work of a Christian is not picketing gay marriage rallys with signs that say God hates fags, it isnt screaming at and shaming and encouraging physical violence against homosexuals….according to Christianity homosexuality is only ONE sin….yet it is one that Christians have a boner for, it gets them hype, it disgusts them. But the love that a same sex couple has for each other can be cleaner than any righteous hatred you have for them. And dont get me started on homosexual Christians…..Again I ask, who is God more likely to welcome with open arms? The person who has spent their lives spewing hateful, hurtful and cross messages at others, or the ones who have been living their lives based on charity, love, meeting the needs of the poor and showing compassion for the humanity in others? who do you think God is going to turn away, the homosexual who did the work or you who abandoned the real mission in favor of capitalizing on one sin? You who satisfied yur need for superiority by playing God?

The bible says all sin is the same, your lying is as bad as someones homosexuality…..why aren’t you picketing your own sin, trying to pass legislation to stop yur lies, yur lust, yur greed? Why can’t yu work on your own sin without trying to tell Christians and non Christians alike that they are “disgusting and perverted” and every cross thing under the sun that you can think of? Jesus Christ, the poster child for Christianity, was betrayed by Judas with a single kiss….up until that moment he sold Christ out he thought he was one of the protagonists in the story…..how many Christians that are apart of God’s story think they are protagonists and are really the antagonists? I’d wager a FAT LOT of them.


2 thoughts on “Who Is God More Likely To Accept?

  1. That is an excellent point of view, and, quite frankly, very true. It is easier to hate than to accept the difficult task of being a true Christian and accept that you too must amend for your sins. The Catholic Church teaches that discrimination is also a sin, for example, so why aren’t more of you “Christians” picketing for equality amongst humans? Also, the Bible says that only God may judge the deeds of man, so it is foolish for you to condemn your fellow man and force him to change. How can you be so “right” when Jesus taught that you must show charity and kindness to your “enemies,” whether they be evil or just different.

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