Conservatives Are Anything But Christ-like

This is what Matt Barber of LC (liberty counsel who is trying to stop gay marriage in NY via lawsuit) says about marriage equality:

Really, this is an anti-marriage movement. Homosexual activists are not looking for the white picket fence; they don’t really want marriage in the traditional monogamous sense of a lifelong relationship. The reality is that most of these activists are looking to attack the institution of marriage because it is something that was given to us by God, something designed by God; ultimately this is an act of rebellion against God

Really? So every gay person is gay out of sheer spite? They put themselves under legislative discrimination, gay bigotry leading to violence in some cases and out casting just out of spite against God?  I wonder what the devoted gay Christians, Muslims & Jews have to say about your generalization and accusation that they are doing it because they want to attack something God “designed”. Did you stop to think that the covenant of marriage is something they want to be INCLUDED IN? And far beyond the perimeters of Christianity and other religions some people want to be married because of the 1,000 or so rights afforded to married couples. And why shouldnt they? Do you HONESTLY think that denying gays the right to marry will keep them from fucking, loving and raising children together? Your not going to win the lawsuit but you will make the liberal Democrats look even better for the 2012 elections.

I am getting sick and fucking tired of these so called “Christians” trying to push “family values” on the country when the only relationships they really care about are those between their pockets and the corporations they so vehemently protect. There is nothing Christ like about shitting on poor and working class families, there is nothing Christ like about trying to deny the humanity of others for financial gain and spiritual superiority.


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