A Couple Days Off Balance

His praise showered me like an unclean rain
Somehow mysterious, squirming
Alive on my skin and soaking into me
Little whispers meant to melt me soft and fluid
Have turned me to stone
My lips, thin line of grimace, cool rage
This one
He’s familiar
Although his face shines differently in the moonlight
His eyes tell the same story, my reoccurring past
Sparkling deception in the gloom
This dangerous grey area, this …indifference
I know this feeling
Away and fast from his gaze, from his sound
Turning quickly
Back to stability where the ground isnt shifting
indecision, insecurity,weakness
These are my neighbors
Those that call in the middle of the night
To borrow a piece of me
I seldom answer, but when I do…..
I make sure to lock the door behind them when they leave
And cry away the pain
I tuck my emotion, into the folds of my diary
Then disregard the last couple of days for a new reality
It is here that I pick up where I left off
Sporting a genuine smile
I could have this away
But I embraced it and transformed it
I learned from it
I spent a couple of days off balance
And now I’m back

I hope you dont hear sadness in this poem, it was more about exploring these last couple of days, now that the emotion i experienced during is over


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