Internet G’s ….Of The Female Persuasion

Well last night I got into a “twitfight” with some little girl on twitter……and as much as I wanted to cuss her ass out, I did not. A few nights ago I had tweeted something like :

“I sleep naked every night, even during the winter #bedtime tweets”

.So this girl tweets

RT@FatFemPinUp I sleep naked everynight, even during the winter #bedtimetweets …….oh gosh look at her picture #nightmares

….to her followers…..I’m mentioned in it so naturally I answered and said something like….

“takes a weak mind to glory in the abuse of others, having said that continue tweeting to yur 50 followers”

and she didnt answer. You know I was mad, but not for the reasons yu might think.

I don’t get offended by fat jokes, I made it through middle school w/o cracking under the weight of fat shaming and straight up meanness, that wasn’t my issue. My issue was that a girl I didn’t know was fat shaming me and If i had been anyone else it might have really hurt. And I got to thinking about all the stories I’ve heard lately about internet bullying…..You have someone on the internet putting you down and talking shit about you b/c they disapprove of something or other that makes you a unique individual…..this person could be a stranger, it could be someone you know from your school but these things are hurtful and they build on each other. What if I was a chubby 16 yr old girl, and this just so happened to be the straw that broke the camels back? And this stranger added enough fuel to my fire to have me in some quiet closet with a nylon rope? I may be a a dreamer as far as my feminist ideals are concerned but I expect better from my fellow woman! However, everyone sporting a vagina ain’t your friend, and sure as HELL ain’t a feminist. Its pretty shitty tho because the fight that I have taken up is for women, even for her, its for all women, not just the ones who look like me, talk like me, agree with me. So , anyhoo, when these girls get rejected, or hurt, or made fun of, they turn to someone that they consider “less than ” and rip them apart…..thats their own personal insecurity raging its repulsive head and it is of course, a major indicator of immaturity. A well rounded individual deals w/ those insecurities by exploring and working on them…not taking their frustration out on others.

What made me even madder was the fact that she wouldn’t answer me, she told her followers

“omg that fat lady tweeted me back, i didnt know she could read this”

and  i responded again, saying and said

“im not some fat lady, im a human being, and I’d rather be big as a duplex then ignorant and pitiful”

to which she did not respond, and continued to talk about me to her friends, and then she said

“we’ve had enough of this, leave us alone”

……………really? you like shaming people and attacking them because your eye was offended by a their avatar and now all of a sudden you want me to leave you alone? She didnt even learn her lesson she jus got frightened and righteous ………running to her friends to validate her behavior, (which is unacceptable)…..She had the audacity to say…… “leave me alone” …….so i left her alone. I told yu this dear blog because I find it interesting that when you face someone for being a fat bigot, for stealing yur picture nd re-posting on yfrog (which is what she did) they have nothing to say but “leave me alone” ….all they can do is run away while looking back and thinking : why wont she leave me alone, it was just a comment.  But thats the problem. Too often we leave these weak minded women alone when they are making fun of others, generally trying to bring other women down and give a bad name to vagina’s everywhere……not me, i face all of my attackers, no matter how insignificant, and believe me SHE WAS INSIGNIFICANT, she had all of 50 followers but it wasnt about that…… was the principal of the thing. You don’t deliberatly make fun of other women, it doesnt legitimize or validate yu, it just makes you look ignorant as the day is long…….. and then these same…pardon me…BITCHES, meet a girl who kan’t take it, and we lose someone because of the disgusting behavior of a pitiful “Internet G”….you can talk shit about someone but yu can’t answer them when they call you out….hmm

Btw I also hate when people take pictures of other people in public to post on the internet later, i even caught the friend of one of my friends doing that and I was so pissed and ashamed of them. I know what its like to have someone take a picture of you in public just because they think it would be funny, or get them acknowledged (happened to me while swimming at a beach, more than once, i bout chased the boy down the beach screaming LET ME POSE FOR YOU) its extremely offensive, if you want a picture ASK, otherwise your fucking rude and ignorant


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