I Dreamt Of Roses

I Dreamt Of Roses

I dreamt of roses when roses weren’t likely to show
Those smooth thick petals, raised and sweet before you can smell them
I dreamt of roses
More of what roses symbolized than their color or their fragrance
Roses clutched tightly in the sweaty expectant palm of some wistful form
Though his face didnt show
Shining through the vagueness of every dream I’d ever had was…
A feeling ,you, who have taken the plunge, recognize, with either smile or grimace
That solemn sense of wonder & arrival
Every step into the darkness, searching around with frantic fingers for a light to switch on
Reminding yourself to stay calm
Trying to adjust to the shadows and the sounds of that restlessness
And suddenly bursting through, not unpleasant but definitely surprising something shines
Every moment before having birthed life into this one, this moment
And this one….somehow fearsome
The hand that clutches, tightly, those roses, will soon clutch yours
I Dreamt of Roses last night, and they felt like a promise
One made by God, or Fate, or Karma
One I am afraid to believe in
One I cannot abandon


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