America And Its Torrid Love Affair With Slavery

America romanticizes slavery because it was a time of prosperity. For the south , white people had to share with other white people and only white people, they felt like gods over blacks and the economy thrived….life was slow, lazy, and easy for white people. White women were more subservient to men as well, they went and did as they were told, they had no rights, no hands in politics but they were of course a step up from slaves. Christianity was prevalent, used to control slaves, used to control women. It taught slaves that God wanted them to obey those who had rule over them, it taught them to be comfortable being slaves and not to question their positions because it was God’s will and you don’t question God. White women were taught by Christianity that they were under their husbands, that God wanted them following, and serving their husbands. Paternity and Christianity were alive and kicking. Paternity is the idea that the white male has authority over every aspect of life, over women especially and in that time over slaves. Paternity was the rule in the south. Now paternity is alive and well and ruling but subtly and there are more ways around it now than there were for both blacks and women.

For white people slavery was good……for black people it was a time when their lives were forfeit at a moments notice, their bodily autonomy was non existent, their families destroyed whenever a new child was born and sold, where women were raped by slave masters, black men were treated like beasts and made to work like beasts………..its easy to remember the good old days if they were good on you. Its easy to church up slavery like Michelle Bachmann does by claiming black families were more “stable” during slavery…mostly because she’s dumb as fuck and doesn’t know her fucking history.

But slavery isnt over, those who romanticize slavery are slaves to their own ignorance, and those black people who don’t participate in politics are slaves to white people’s whims….until black people take an active role in politics and start demanding their rights, instead of acting like they aren’t oppressed and taking their frustrations out on each other, (horizontal hostitilty) there will be no freedom from racisim. Just because our president is black doesnt mean we are any better off than we were in the 60’s, take a look around you, the white people still hate us, and miss the good old days. White people are attacking the reproductive rights of black women, declaring us all whores and unfit mothers in an effort to control our right to a safe legal abortion. There are hardly ANY black ceo’s in our country, we are more encouraged to not bother with politics but focus on making money in the slave wage system. Black people are still portrayed in the media (mostly black men) as beasts who are prone to violence and aggression and criminal activity. Black women are portrayed (like they were during slavery) as whores, easy women who are aggressive sexual harridans, that are incapable of raising children correction or unable to decide the proper time to have them.  And we are paying no attention to their efforts to control us, to manipulate us, to keep us bound by the laws they put in place…we pay no attention to the way they encourage us to fight each other rather than uniting…… The majority of the poor are people of color, the majority of attacks by the government are on the poor……… your eyes, demand more or you will never get out from under the white oppression


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