David Duke: A White Civil Rights Advocate and Presidential Hopeful

Well I’m not even sure where to start….David Duke…former grand wizard of the KKK……. (The Ku Klux Klan) is wondering if you “the American people” will vote for him in the 2012 elections soooooooo he is going to tour America and see if he can get support…word? He does realize that he is running for president of AMERICA right? Where white people are the current minority? And that the views he holds are not representative of the majority? sigh lets go over some points he makes in this his video.

“The media will tell you that you can’t trust me because of my past”

….anyone who has read a history book will decide for themselves that they can’t trust you because of your past! A past in which you are unapologetic about Sir Duke. Your organization (the KKK) was responsible for the death of thousands of black men, the rape of thousands of black women, the murder of jewish, and white “negro lovers” all as a means of intimidation and social control over blacks. For some reason that doesnt exactly scream “trust worthy”. Just because you acknowledge that what you say is controversial and you “stick to what you say” doesn’t mean that makes you trust-able……it means your a racist asshole who hasn’t changed and that your unapologetic about it

“bring our boys home and focus on AMERICAN issues”

…..already a little splattering of ignorance eh? America is a country that puts its hand in every country that has anything valuable and attempts to take complete control of it whether its by buying its land for access to its resources or assassinating its leaders for one that is more conducive to our financial gain. Bring our boys home …everyone wants our boys home but the fact of the matter is we have too many foreign interests and investments to protect to “bring our boys home” interests that conservatives support. Also you mention the Iraq and Afghanistan wars….and how you plan to withdraw as soon and safely as possible…as if Obama isnt already doing that exact thing right now….a war that Bush started……..who is your Christian pal

“Stop the immigration invasion”

All i have to say is the only people in America that aren’t immigrants are Native Americans, so…..kindly GO THE FUCK BACK TO EUROPE Dukey. Btw what jobs are they stealing exactly? I dont recall any Americans complaining about being looked over for a position picking tomatoes for 20$ a day……

“reform the corporate welfare system”

oh NOW YOU WANT TO REFORM government assistance to corporations? your running as a conservative, conservatives have been putting business over people for as long as my granny can remember. Mind you he points out Goldman Sachs….sounds jewish to me and puts him in a shadowy back ground with a malicious facial expression and money raining down………sounds a little like nazi propaganda. and lets point out again that Sir Duke was the grand wizard of the KKK, he doesnt support welfare of any kind, he is simply taking the “stand” against corporations to make himself sound more attractive as a candidate

“equal rights for all, special privilege for none”

……AGAIN this coming from the ex-grand wizard of the KKK. Sir Duke says that he will make sure as soon as he is president that “merit” will be the sole determinator in the job arena……well he is obviously ignorant to the fact that “merit” is subjective according to WHO is doing the hiring and its also STUPID AS FUCK considering that women and people of color do not receive an equal education compared to that of WHITE MALES even WITH this perceived (completely made up and believed by David Duke) special treatment based on race and gender , this special treatment that Sir Duke supposedly wants to put a stop to….What a hero. And the fact that regardless of things like affirmative action, white males make up the majority when it comes to any white collar job, the fact that balck women make 70cents on the dollar and hispanic women make 56cents on the dollar…..where are the stats about white men? There aren’t any becuz stats about white men are outliers.

“promote western values in the media”

….ahh those values of stratification, racism, colonialism, the dehumanization of black people and women….those values….Look around Sir Duke, you’ve already gotten your wish, what is portrayed in the media ARE the values of the west……why would the media start reporting idealism rather than the truth?? why would it forgo reality for your “christianized” idea of family, and America? …….gtfoh

“i will not run unless you want me too” …….you promise?


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