Boom! I Got Yo Boyfriend! (Quick Note)

I never understood other women who could be proud about being the “other woman”. Or for that matter, men who say things like “call me when yo man ain’t actin right”…Why are people so willing to take the backseat when they can have the front? Why are people settling for being someone’s “some of the time” man/woman? If its an open relationship (which I think is stupid) then sure, have at it, be the “other” but if your interfering with a clearly monogamous relationship why do you do it? is it out of pure jealously and spite? or do you truly believe you can do no better than to be someone’s extra? Some entertain delusions of grandeur, that the person they are helping cheat will leave the one they are with eventually for them…..if they will cheat on their full time mate why wouldn’t they cheat on their some of the time turned full time? Why don’t you value your sexuality, your feelings and your time more than to reserve them for someone who can give yu less than 1/3 of theirs?……….foolishness


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