Big Girls Need Love Too

Really? “Big girls need love too” ? I fucking hate that phrase. You know why? Because it’s really saying: In addition to regular women that are acceptable to society and generally “normal” big girls just so happen to want and need love too. Surprise, surprise, they live and breathe and experience a breadth of emotion outside of  hunger! You know what else it says? It says someone call in the love squad because after all the regular people are paired off we still need to take care of the big girls. Now that doesn’t sound like love to me, it sounds like OTHERING. It sounds like a chore, a duty, an unpleasant task that has to be done….I don’t want to be anyone’s task, anyone’s chore. Fuck that.

And when a man says “hey big girls need love too” to me, its like he is saying : while you might not deserve it as much as a thin or normal woman, i recognize your need for love and I’ll have pity on you and give you my attention. KEEP THAT SHIT. I am a human being, I’ve never met a human being that didn’t need love, whether they were big as a duplex, thin as a pole, handicapped, a person of color, queer or heterosexual, never have I met ANYONE who didn’t need love in some form or another to survive. yet you get people who feel its their job to remind the world that while big girls, big PEOPLE might not look like they DESERVE love, they surely do underneath the feature that is fat is a real person…….Its fucking stupid. Oh and let me just say that while people PRETEND that thin is the height of attraction for every person under the sun its complete bullshit. Attraction is subjective. There isn’t one person that is pretty to every person on earth. Not a one. Thin and Fat are just physical identifiers and people are “attracted” to other people’s physical identifiers. And not all are attracted to thin. I think its pretty shitty how society tells the world that the only type of woman worth mentioning is the thin or athletic type of woman, making the men who find fat, thick, chunky and chubby girls feel like they have to conform or be outcasted. And damn! they do conform! They fuck us because they are attracted to us, but they date the socially acceptable woman who is thin….fucking conformist slaves.

But alas I digress, the point is that yes I need love, but I don’t need love from anyone who thinks its a chore or they are doing a good deed by loving me. You dont get any fucking karma points for shaking your dick at me. While the stereotype may say that big girls are easy and insecure I AM NOT. I take care of my own needs, and the people who love me, and those I love do not see loving me as a charity



8 thoughts on “Big Girls Need Love Too

    1. I’m glad you found it too Lani 🙂 Thank you for reading my blog! It means alot to me to know that someone is “picking up what I’m putting down” lol

  1. I happen to think that women who keep making new years resolutions every year to lose weight and go on fad diets & wear shit just bcuz its “trendy”.are f—ing conformist slaves, also. Theyre giving in to the outrageous stereotypes that are shoved down our throatsevery single day by the mass media and are letting men walk all over them. Call it “shit fat girls say” but its true. Giving in to those stereotypes is giving in to misogyny. And unlike other weak-minded females out there, I stand for what I believe in. I wont let some sexist jerkwad come and tell me how to live my life and that I cant be successful unless I shed some pounds. The only person I’ll lose weight for is myself, and only if I want to. Peehaps being abused as a child has taught me to be strong and stand up for myself; not let anyone get in my way, tell me what to do, what to eat, how to live my life. If some man were to say, “hey,i think youre really pretty but youd look a lot better if you lost a little weight” I would straight up cuss him out and tell him he.just done blew any chance he ever had of getting with me.

    Yes, big girls are people, too. We know that, and we don’t need sexist dipwads pointing that out for us. As for the hunger bit, so freaking what if a fat woman eats alot? What the F is wrong with freaking eating? Some people act like it’s some sort of horrible abomination if a woman is big and eats junk food AND isn’t ashamed of her eating habits! Guess what, people, I eat pizza and ice cream, candy and burgers and I am 100% guilt-free! Why should I feel guilty about eating what I like to? It’s not like that kind of stuff is all I eat, and even if it was, so what?

    1. lol!!! conformist slaves, sounds like something i would say!!!
      I admire your stance, I feel the same way…for me weight loss isnt an option, the only thing I value is good health and fitness. I refuse to let the world define for me what is beautiful and what is ugly, i refuse to try and mold myself after an ideal woman when I LIKE WHO I AM AND HOW I LOOK. Also I agree, the food police can suck it! EVERYONE eats junk food, its just some people dont get shit for it because their bodies dont store it. I think its amazing that so many people are willing to tell fat people how to look and how to live after assuming we are ugly and we are unhealthy without every really taking a look at themselves. not every fat person eats like that and if they did IT WOULDNT BE ANYONES GOTDAMN business

    1. thank you for taking the time to read and comment 🙂 it really is rather sad the stigma around being a fat woman but i like to think with movements like fat acceptance and blogs like these, some light is being shed on the humanity of fat women…and the sheer BEAUTY of fat women. Thank you for your comment

  2. I have always liked big girls- yall know how to fill out a pair of jeans, make a man want you… hope more big girls start coming out of their shells… cuz LOTSA guys want a girl with some meat on the bone…

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