Dear Child A Poem (note to my unborn daughter)

Dear Daughter….
I will encourage you to seek fulfillment outside of materialism
I plan to show you the beauty of patience and hard work
When the time comes and you go boy crazy
I will teach you to explore your own worth and fulfillment inside of
Not the search for a man….or a woman
Little girl when you grow up
I will teach you never to refer to another woman as a bitch
Never to disrespect yourself by letting someone else call you one
You will never want for adventure
You will never want for true friendship
I will teach you integrity, understanding and the importance of listening
Daughter you will learn to be un-judgmental of people
Those who prefer not to follow the norms in life because you
You, Yourself will be a rebel
My prayer is that you will always look before you leap
Respect those with wisdom that came before you
You will not be suckered into doing things your uncomfortable with
Not in the name of being classy, ladylike or womanly
A label will never cause you to do something your heart tells you is wrong
You will define yourself for yourself and stick to what you know
You will be unconcerned about legacies and the high that success will bring you
Because people will be your business
Dear daughter you will never hold the hand of a person that drags you away from your dream
Never be a victim to self doubt
You will always feel powerful, consistent, sincere and certain
Your legs will be sturdy and strong
They will carry you places to people that need you
To people you need
Child….your very whisper will change the world


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