Rihanna “Man Down” Response

So I just watched Rihanna’s video to man down and there is a big controversy on youtube and yahoo so far and I’m sure in a bunch of blogs about how Rihanna shoots a man in the head (in a public square) for raping her. Now I can understand that people dont condone murder…but the guy raped her. While there are alot of people who don’ think the crime of rape deserves mentioning ask anyone who has been raped. Ask a child who has been sodomized by a grown man , or a male child who has been molested by a grown woman or a teenager who has been gang raped by numerous men, ask a college student, ask a woman from the Congo….. if the crime of rape bears mentioning.

Its a very real problem yet where is the outrage over Kanye Wests “Monster”vid.

where he sits nonchalantly in an arm chair with women hanging all around him by the neck where he rearranges dead women in sexual positions? IN this case these women did nothing to Kanye he is simply boasting about his monsterliness but when Rihanna makes a video about killing a rapist the whole world is in an uproar…why? Because violence against women is so common place that it delights or bores the people who view it. And the value of a woman’s life, and freedom are far less important than the value of a man’s. Often times rape is violent and extremely emotionally damaging and this crime is not a crime of passion but rather a crime of POWER. Its about a person exerting power and authority over another person and getting off on it. That is the type of criminal that is rarely if ever rehabilitated. This man in the video was turned down by a girl and decided that he would take what he wanted……his victim killed him for it. Which one do you think would do it again? Do you think a rape victim is going to get a thirst for shooting people in the head? or do you think a rapist will continue to get a power rush over taking advantage of someone he can sexually control. Get real and shut the fuck up. If you hurt a woman physically and emotionally by raping her you deserve to die. END OF STORY. Now I’m not a fan of vigilante justice but in an age where crimes against women get a slap on the wrist and victims get put on trial and ridiculed and shamed more than their rapists i say SHOOT THAT MUTHERFUCKER IN THE HEAD. That is all


4 thoughts on “Rihanna “Man Down” Response

  1. I just wanted to say I just found your blog and i.love.it. You have your head screwed on and your writing style is militant as fuck. So, nice one, and keep it up pls I’m learning a lot!

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