Love On Bargain

Fair trade : Ass for Ass
But I’m trading love for love
I just don’t have any buyers
My life is a market place
That features a surplus of love
……..Without the demand
They treat this love like
One of many baskets at the flea market
Four Loco’s at the corner store
Dangerous and discontinued
I didn’t put it out that way
I don’t let on
You wont see any neon signs
Blasting and broadcasting

All that I have to offer is wrapped up in ordinary packaging
And no, you can’t peel it back
Until you spend some time with it
I offer quantity
Big ass, thick legs, breasts that spill over into your hands
I offer quality
Supple and smooth skin with the power to make you ache
Real curly hair with bounce
A natural beauty
I’m functional
A thinker, passionate and sensual
Level headed and so sincere
The potential to birth legends that in turn birth legends
I’m not selling out or going outta business
But I am considering a big vacation
Close up shop to get away
Give you time to miss my invitation
My open doors, open arms, my congeniality


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