Losing Myself Is Worse Than Being Alone

Losing Myself Is Worse Than Being Alone

By all accounts
I am such a pretty thing
My sexy is what captured you
Not your heart no, that was always off limits
But your eye

Your eye couldn’t miss the sunlight gleaming on my bare legs
Golden and glowing like daybreak
Or my breasts two globes sitting high and smooth in my dress
With the tendency to jiggle elegantly
Your eye over my body
couldn’t really miss my ass
Round and large , without droop or sag, filling out
I was built for sex… that’s what you told me
And you never looked past my chin long enough
Not long enough to see my eyes

My eyes, wells of knowledge, deep and cool
Surviving eyes
Gleaming with intelligence
Deliberate, with purpose and love
Complex eyes
The gateway to my soul
Abandon, whimsy
And the joyful disposition of a child
Unimportant ground not to be covered on your quest
To conquer
Tear down walls
Battle the guards
Bloodthirsty you came for your prize
And won, claiming this land as your own
Then stealthily left to dominate some other pretty things

You’ll be back though…
They always come back after your walls are rebuilt
And fortified
When there are stronger guards
These type love a challenge
But as much as the past has come back to haunt me
While it was gone I gained
A new life, new control over myself, and understanding
But I wont be content this time to say
“At least I put up a good fight”
This time I’d rather die than lose to you
Losing myself is worse than being alone


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