Serial Killers That “dissociate ” And Man Whores That Objectify

Is there a connection between a serial killer objectifying a victim in order to rape, torture and kill someone and a person who just uses objectification to depersonalize women and add to the notches on their belts without guilt?

Obviously I’m a blogger, I’m no professional psych or sociologist…I’m just wondering, so having said that here we go

So call me a freak or whatever you want to call me but I was reading recently (as in today) about serial killers and there is one serial killer who chooses child victims named Robert Black who did the majority of his crimes in Europe in the late 80’s. He sexually assaulted little girls and then murdered them leaving them hundreds of miles away from home. I’m not going to describe what he did anymore but rather delve a little bit into WHY he said he did it. Black said “I wasn’t thinking about her at all…like, you know, what she must be feeling”. The story that I was reading (from the crime library) said that this was a case of “extraordinary dissociation, which transforms the little girl into a simple object” and “is frequently to be found in cases of other serial killers” . IN other words this is an extreme case of objectification. Now being a feminist this made the hair on my neck stand up….One major battle for me as a feminist is the objectification, the dehumanization of women in the media, in every day life, in advertising, on tv, every time you turn your head there is a perfect example of objectification.Men are being socialized and congratulated on their ability to dissociate …that is until its taken too far

So my question is, is there a similarity here? The rules of masculinity pretty much dictate the objectification of women. All of this labeling that says “real men” do X,Y,Z and we have seen a trend in our society where the more women you use, the more prestige you have, your are judged by your ability to use a  woman rather than interact with one, especially when your a young adult. So how does a person leap from just seeing women as objects thereby feeling nothing when they dehumanize them by manipulating, lying or using them from sex to raping and killing little girls. I’d say they are 2 sides of the same coin, one being the extreme and one being the less extreme. Both require you to look at a woman as an object and its from that point that anything goes….and as we have  seen and heard in the media women are the most common victim of rape, physical assualt, and serial murder….I am trying to think how a mind that is already “off” receives images, data, and ideals from society and institutions that objectify and dehumanize women down to their bodies…If we are socialized and encouraged to use women then it only takes a psychologically broken mind to take that idea (that women are objects, which is learned) and run with it….and run with it they do. Black had an obsession with these little girls genitals and he never once thought that he might be hurting another living human being…….I think thats the case with alot of serial killers even when their victims are male…in order to do something so heinous you have to think of the person regardless of sex, as an object. Be it a male child or a female child or a woman…here are some common requirements for victims: they have to have less value in society(prostitutes, poor children or children of color) so they wont be missed or it will take longer to gather investigative information and be weaker than their attacker (women in general and children) so they cant fight back, easy to manipulate…All of these are perpetuated by various agents of socialization so that these type of people are almost exclusively the victims


3 thoughts on “Serial Killers That “dissociate ” And Man Whores That Objectify

  1. Oh wow! One of my soap box topics! Men who objectify women and women who subject themselves to men like that, deserve each other. It’s such a catch 22 in the music video industry. I detest men that look at women like they’re meat. That’s not to say that women don’t do that either, but we don’t objectify them as theydo us in essence taking advantage of our vulnerability when we subject ourselves to that atmosphere and those kind of people. It’s like the cartoons, see a woman walk by and they depict a chicken or some kind meat switching and sashaying across the screen. smh

    1. yea i know the comparison is a lil weird lol but i was really struck by the story i was reading and couldnt help but see the similarity. When you see a woman, a person as a piece of meat then anything yu do to them can be excused on the bases of yu being a superior… for music videos they are exclusively done through the male gaze, no matter whose video it is, male or female, its about sexualizing every aspect of the female body and exploiting it to promote a video to a perceived male only audience

    2. ו think that both types of devaluations are similar; however killers are missing internalized social constraints against rape and murder There are other types of devaluation. Many people today invest in plastic female replica companions. So for them women are mere dolls. Then there are mass killers such as Paddock. A forensic psychologist suggested that the people he killed were like figures in the slot machines that he played for gratification. Paddock’s life was closing down on him and he wanted to have one last expression of his anger at life, which he took out against these people who represented the fun times, fun life he couldn’t have. Same thing with terrorists who see their victims as objects to be manipulated for the furtherance of their doctrine.

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