Sexualized Violence in music vid. “monster” by kanye west

The Video here:

The Lyrics here :

If you havent seen this music video…..dont bother, it will turn your stomach. I’ll make this short. Kanye West is seen surrounded by women who are hanging by the neck on chains around him. He sits nonchalantly …rapping. I get it. the song is about being a monster…the song glorifies this “monsterhood” , mons, more about being a go getter and being “on top” , its about talking shit braggin, and pride…and of course like most rap music it portrays (in the lyrics) women as wealth, and prestige signifiers. I got that but seeing this video, seeing portrayals of women dead and being rearranged by West pissed me off to the point where I refuse to listen to his music anymore.

How could Kanye West be an advocate for black people in one breath and then sexualize the violence/murder of women the next. and why is it ok? We have become so desenitized that seeing a dead woman being rearranged to touch another dead woman in a sexual manner is…”entertaining”. We see one of the most popular rapper/producers sitting in a room full of dead women hanging around him and simply say ” what a bold choice for a music video”.

Fuck is wrong with people? If a man was sitting in his house with the front windo shades open and women hanging around him while he sat  we wouldnt be rating him on his presentation we would be locking him up, so why is it ok to pretend to entertain? When women are victims of violent crimes every single day in this country we have people exploiting violence against women, then adding a sexual element and then calling it entertainment. And these images are what our teenagers have to look forward to. Kanye West is anything but an advocate for the youth, for black people, for women. He is an advocate for Kanye West, himself, and himself only. but really I pity Kanye West, he is just another slave, re-inforcing the negative stereotype that black men are overtly aggressive, beastly, sexual and violent against women. So congratulations Kanye, you’ve made a difference alright.

Oh and yes I did notice the other two artists. Jay Z and Nicki Minaj. Jayz of course comes into the song mentioning raping and pillaging a village of women and children (how sweet) but other than this line…his verse comes out solid.  and Minaj’s lyrics are more about boasting than attacking any one group of people although she does stratify herself over other women simply based on her money flow….in the video she is yelling at a tied up version of herself….good better she self objectify rather than attack other women or encourage it! the main point is that the whole video ruined the song for me. I already disliked SOME of the lyrics because they were belittling to women but after seeing the video just hearing the song turns my stomach…sexualizing mass murder is never entertaining, fun, rap worthy…..Kanye is a hypocrite and he needs to get his shit together and pick a side


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