Revolution’s Not A Seasonal Gig

WAtch the video of the poem first! lol please here is the linkage

Revolution’s Not A Seasonal Gig

Will I be happy when some sleek sexy sorta fellow with big feet finds me
Sidles up to me
Whispers something sweet like
Words of approval
Smooth, liquid from his tongue
Will I abandon the mission?
Leave those days of revolution behind for
Walking hand in hand in public with someone
Who validates the assumption I internalized
Since the beginning of time that I was fine regardless of my size
Will everything I believed about self determination
Standing up for those voiceless versions of my younger self
And her still struggling for liberation and a new definition of free
Be pushed off to the side for the ideal cult of what it means to be womanly?
Will I Loose love for the movement and fall into wifey and motherhood
Forget all the epiphanies I held so close that pushed me to stand for the humanity of
Fat girls
Thick girls
Those girls that are plumped so pleasantly
To stand up and say that just because its fat you don’t have a right to my pussy
It’s a privilege
My voice that speaks loud for
Old girls
Disabled girls
Hispanic girls
Black girls
Third world girls
And if you want me to want you don’t use your dick as a weapon of war on girls
Will I still proclaim that dinner isn’t a free invitation to invasion
My message for women who wont search for themselves
Because they are scared of what they  will or wont find
For women who think that all they need is a relationship to be defined
Not I.
Pro- any fucking thing that you’ve determined yourself too be and believe
That society labels as deviancy
My voice will not hush in declaring my subjectivity
If by chance a man is strong enough to “sweep me off my feet”
These are hands and hips that work ferociously to deconstruct “beauty”
This tongue will never hide behind these teeth in the fight for equity
Anyone I add on will be another line in my revolutions song.
I am not doing this for loneliness sake
Or because I hate men
Not for self pity or attention
I do this for rape victims
For 70cents on the dollar,
For sex trafficking
And the tons of other ugly things that people don’t appreciate in a woman’s rhyme
So no, I am not a womanist to pass the time
I don’t wish I had a dick
I’m not jealous of silly women and their white pickets
I simply rage against every institution of oppression
Every push to conform
And I’ll share that with a man if he’s got the guts to try me trying life and liberty
As a shackle-less woman setting other people free
And that’s the definition of a revolutionary


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