Perks To Masturbation

I prefer masturbation to sex
Guaranteed gasm everytime
And I never have to worry about the motives of my pink dildo
Or whether I’m ovulating or not
I dont have to worry about being babyma #4
Faking an orgasm to save you from knowing
How FUCKING bad you are at this sex shit
Finding something red and incurable 5days later
Getting calls from your actual
Or my equivalent twin
That I had no idea about
Never being asked to a public place with you
Being pacified with 15 minutes of cuddle time before “something comes up”
Your going home to take a shower
I should go home so you can take a shower talk
Being called at 3am every Saturday morning
After your slightly or completely puking alcohol drunk
To “watch a movie”
Hearing that I’m sexy and cute every time I get suspicious that
Maybe this relationship is more one sided than it seemed
Because unlike my pink plastic dildo
And My back massager
You never attempt to please me
Inanimate objects cant objectify or deny my subject
They serve me, and my purposes, and my pleasure
I don’t want to be your pink plastic dildo
I don’t want to be your back massager

*disclaimer* shunnn shunnnnnnnn shun the non believer shunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn lol jk Well I had a bad dream and woke up and wrote this poem…weird how shit happens. So anyhoo I dont have men or sex but I am at a point my life where sex with another person serves no practical or emotional purpose, that is subject to change but I am simply evaluating why that may be. thanks for reading! you feedback is appreciated

If i ruled the world lol

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