Love In Rebellion

I want someone for me
No journey into the obtuse
Trolling around for clear motives and intentions
What I want is……
Freedom inside of commitment
Not “cuffed”
Bound by the abrupt
Hoping that giving my decision over into his hands will find me on top
But rather, choice, exchanging power with someone on my own terms
No sense of ownership just an understanding between souls
Some secret agreement in the unseen where the bond between to spirits solidify
We’ll want to be remembered through our experiences
To beat out stories of epic love with legends of our own.
Redefine passion with furious fingers
Inflammatory declarations
There should be gawking and jealousy….and wonder
There should be Intimacy and mystery
Creation….we serve as a kind of template of love for generations after our own
Dissenters, rebels, non-conformists…we should be deviant
Redefining roles, loving with equity
We wont fall, tumble down blindly, un-expectedly in love
Our decision will be deliberate, our love….deliberate
Our destiny resting in our own hands, ruling from within
Building with faith a future worthy of remembrance
And what will they say of us when we are gone?
Herstory and History will think of something


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