Little Rants

I look at myself through my own eyes
Not through the eyes of others
I don’t care what the latest tips are on how to please a man
I’ve been doing fine, left to my own devices
I cant shop for body hiding underwear to look thinner
Or makeup that makes me look younger
Just to fuel a billion dollar industry
That tries to sabotage and redefine what is already pretty
I refuse to go broke to end up broken
Always second guessing myself
Constantly drawing conclusion based on pitiful comparison
I’m not that type of woman that drowns in liquor
Who hides her pain under the body of a man
Sex doesn’t numb me, liquor doesn’t soothe me
Deviancy is a cause for celebration not apology in my world
Everything that I’m not lends to my pricelessness
Mean but never cruel, I don’t like being put into boxes
Sometimes I’m wrong
But without correction there can be no growth, so I take it
Blue skies and water, soft earth and sun, nothing describe perfection better
Color inspires me, coffee to be exact
The skin on a black man, one of my few vices
I’m the type that has to embrace every paper cut
I’ve got to indulge in every heartbreak
I live for the experiences that burn, that hurt, that remind me I’m alive
If you break my heart I live for the challenge of repair
If you confuse me I throw myself into discovery
When you need me you have mind body and soul at your service
I don’t mind when you touch me, I touch back
And when your sly, the mystery in figuring you out, excites me
Every giant tests me , especially those I am most reluctant to slay
Every moment I spend kicking ass, non conforming, being myself
Is the place where rebellion meets happiness
I cherish my humanity, I love my life


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