Please Forget Me- A poem

Right on the tail end of your lips pass little phrases of i miss yous
Every once in a blue moon, you grasp at me with cold hands , and demand, I be true…
You send me little messages when i feel like im just about through
To draw me back again
And have me in the palm of your hand
But I’m not happy here
It doesn’t serve me very well
To sit in adoration up under your spell
To tell you how much i appreciate your scattered praises
When you insist on seeing other faces
Please forget me
I’d rather not come into your mind
Erase me from your dreams
Don’t mention your name with mine
I’m all kinds of fed up
That your still casting your line
You think you’ll do better
So just let me drift away free
Please forget me
I Thought it was funny
Even cute
That you were wandering through so many women
Like new pairs of shoes
A few of them fit, but you couldn’t quit going back for more
To feed your habit for purchasing pretty things at the store
But your currency is charm and you never run out
But your item
This item is so full of doubt
I cannot trust that you’ll stop acquiring
That you wont replace me
So I’m trying to get away
If you would please just forget me
And stop calling


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